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  1. Not that I doubted him, but John wasn't joking when he said he's a multi-instrumentalist, lol. Guy wrote, recorded and performed some decent songs of his own throughout the decades and seems to have more workable vocals styles than almost any artist I know. Been Down Vancouver 2010 Blues We Are Not One
  2. As always, thanks a lot for the effort that you 3 put into getting this out there I downloaded it yesterday. Aside from the picture quality being amazing, there's a little part at 12:11 (as they are finishing HSIY) that stuck out to me. Dave just has the biggest smile on his face. You could tell how much he enjoyed performing the song that night. Plus, Matt seemed really into their performance of Deep Six which is always great to watch. However, am I the only one that is now getting a "404- not found" message when clicking on Chad's site?
  3. This may have been mentioned else where, but it looks like Everything is Automatic has been scrubbed as well, unfortunately.
  4. I was thinking the other day that this site has been around since 2004. That's 16 years of this place where we've all come over the years to interact and communicate with each other. Aside from random discussions about whatever topic that gets raised, this place has also let us get to know each other better and even do meet ups in person, on top of getting to hear from members of the band and Matt himself over the years. And none of this would have been possible without Anton starting and maintaining this message board. So, since I don't know if anyone has ever said so publicly, I just wanted
  5. Big Wreck seem to have found a cool and interesting way around the restrictions by borrowing from the come back of drive in theaters:
  6. Those are some really cool videos. Thanks for sharing, Chris. Bones really did fit in well with everyone. Interesting story Matt referenced with Holy about all of them doing an over 20 minute rendition of All Along the Watch Tower back in 95. Also interesting how he mentioned that was the night they all shaved their heads for charity. That would have been a show to see too Again, thanks for the share
  7. This year just keeps going. RIP Bones Hillman Always thought this was a beautiful performance they did together as a band.
  8. On the issue of the media, Matt actually made a good point regarding it last month. On top of his original point about how Youtube algorithms (which are scarily enough generated by A.I) lead to polarizing echo chambers, he was responding to a message in private that I sent him and it was regarding his post about the comment I made about the Guardian/his views on that news organization. In it he quoted a passage from Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman's Manufacturing Consent: “The greater profitability of the media in a deregulated environment has also led to an increase in takeovers and t
  9. Yeah, they definitely added their own flavor into the covers. Everything from the drumming, the synth, the guitar rhythms and leads, the bass, the piano, and just the general progression of each song is amazing. Together they managed to keep the original spirit and soul of each song by maintaining the general melody, but also made them their own by rearranging/re-imagining each individual instrument and the general progression of each song. That is not an easy thing to pull off and they seemed to have done so beautifully. Honestly was a surprising pleasure to discover and listen to.
  10. Came across some pretty impressive full band covers this weekend that three brothers recently put together. Each does vocals on a different song. I was taking to them online and they said MGB and Matt solo are the only band that they can all agree on. Thought I’d share them here if anyone wants to check them out. Fated, Black Helicopter, and Running For Home On that topic as well, if anyone here has any personal covers (or ones they know about) that they want to share please feel free.
  11. @adam_777, u have any info on this subject? I've never used Elgato- or even done VHS to digital transfers- but with regards to the video/audio being out of sync, if u can't find any other solutions there are other programs you can use. I had a similar problem with the one I used to record the interviews I did with Ian and John this past July. It's called "Debut". After the interviews were done I would play them back and the audio/video would be out of sync. As such, when I would upload them into VideoPad to do the editing I would just separate the audio/video tracks and then move one or
  12. Wow, do you mind me asking where you work, Mike?
  13. daniel_v


    Matt was kind enough to respond very diplomatically and "Socrates" like to a message I sent him last night in private discussing this topic some more. As as I said yesterday- and I'll say again- I think we all really appreciate getting to hear his thought process on such topics (regardless of whether there is always full agreement or not). So again, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Matt (both in public and private) Keep your chin up, man. While all of us should always be conscious of any possible bias we might have, if someone (regardless of who they are) is resorting to
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