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  1. daniel_v


    Anyone watched the series yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6cDDmk-O5A It's on Netflix and stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. They both do fantastic jobs. Best description I've heard of it was this tweet (though I'd add Cloud Atlas and Inception in there too).
  2. daniel_v

    There The First Time

    Just in case anyone wants to be able to look at them without searching them up: Get a good run at it Whip the horse and rattle The station of state a bit A universe of battle Every second a sun Somewhere one dies No heaven's heir apparent There the first time Well I know this feeling I get it all the time Every second a sun Somewhere one dies Time to get on with it The prison and the shackles Colonize you brick by brick Leading by example Sun up, sun down Two hundred species die Crawled off a cliff There the first time Well I know the reasons I use them all the time From sun up to sun down I believe in the power of an ocean A trillion miles bereaved But there the first time There the first time Sun up, to sun down There the first time
  3. daniel_v

    Calgary Flood Aid Concert 2013

    Does anyone happen to have a digital copy of the 3 songs Matt and the band played that month at the concert? It was broadcast live and I've been looking online, but can't find anything that exists.
  4. Looks more recognizable and reminiscent here: This was published in January of this year.
  5. daniel_v

    BNN Interview

    Came across this while looking for something else. Really good interview, especially his answer to the last question. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/video/matthew-good-releases-new-album-amidst-major-shifts-in-music-industry~1238358
  6. daniel_v

    1999 Much Music Performance

    I'll respect Anton's wishes and not speculate beyond this, but I just want to clarify before we get back on topic that I think the Ashley who sent me the tapes was someone else. I won't post any personal details but I used to chat with her on MSM Messenger so I remember her and the descriptions you guys are all giving don't fit her look, age, or personality.
  7. daniel_v

    The Matthew Good Band Upload Thread (videos)

    You know what? I apologize. I could have handled that more diplomatically and less counter intuitively. I agree it's better for someone with more subscribers to post the videos as more people will see them. Likewise, I shouldn't have accused you of posting those just to increase subscribers to your channel. I don't know you and I get wanting to share things with other people. It's why I sent those to Adam in the first place to be converted. If more MG/MGB fans can see them as a result of them being posted on your channel, who wouldn't have otherwise noticed them, all the better. Like I said though, just for the sake of courtesy, in the future if you could at least ask for permission first and give credit to the place you got them from right off the bat that would be cool. Anyways, thanks for calm and rational reply.
  8. daniel_v

    The Matthew Good Band Upload Thread (videos)

    Here's an idea: Since you were already called on it once, when you take stuff that other people took the time to make available, and then post it as your own (for the purpose of increasing your own traffic) maybe first ask permission, and second... credit them for it- meaning since you took it from Chad's site you could maybe actually include a link to his site on your YT page in the first bloody place. Not one of these videos includes a link to his site.
  9. daniel_v

    The Matthew Good Band Upload Thread (videos)

    Second is an interview Rachel did with the band back into 1999 on their Edgefest stop in Edmonton. This includes a friendly rivalry with Moist, Rachel from Much Music (who unbeknownst to most, including myself up until watching this, actually apparently gave Matt the garden gnome that would eventually appear in the Anti-Pop video), part of a live performance of Deep Six, and Dave vs Rich for Rachel's affection, lol.
  10. First on the list is Rico, live @ Much Music in December of 1998 at the Big Shiny Tunes 3 Release Party. Apparently this was the first performance Rich ever played with the band. Again, props to Adam for creating a digital copy here and for all of the others I'm going to post. Muchly appreciated (See what I did there 😉 ).
  11. daniel_v

    1999 Much Music Performance

    Lol, Anton can you enable the edit function for me? 😂 That is pretty damned cool if it was his first performance with them. Good catch, Adam. Edit- until Anton makes the original post available to edit again I'll just leave the new link here: Thanks again to Adam for the digital copy. This was all his effort and knowledge put to use so that we could watch this without Matt looking like a hologram version of Tupac and Michael Jackson from South Park, lol. Gonna upload the Rico performance next.
  12. daniel_v

    1999 Much Music Performance

    I just sent the tape out to Adam today, so hopefully once he receives and converts it to a digital copy we'll have a better version on Youtube (along with a few other interviews and performances). Like I said, it actually looks a lot better on my TV when played straight from VHS. It's just that holding a cell phone in front of my TV and recording that way didn't exactly produce the best results, lol. And you're welcome!
  13. daniel_v

    Old Mgb Comedy Interviews

    Just out of curiosity, what part shows them at the 98 MMVAs? It's been a while since I've watched the MMM Bio, but I don't recall seeing a clip of them from there. Edit- Never mind, just found it at the 17:48 mark. You're right, Geoff is there as they're telling Bill he won for best director so there's no way the performance could have been from the 1998 MMVAs. My bad. Thanks for the clarification. I'll change the title.
  14. daniel_v

    Old Mgb Comedy Interviews

    A little off topic, but I just wanted to say how awesome your site is, btw. The amount of work you've put into that thing is just astounding. Really appreciate all the rare downloads and info on there. I was looking for a full copy of the NMW West speech Matt did in 2002 for a while and your site was the only place I could find it, plus the tour dates and set lists (even if incomplete) are a really cool wealth of dates/info to have. So yeah, muchly appreciated. And thanks (along with TIPS) for the info about when Geoff officially left. Also helps with determining the possible date of the performance.
  15. daniel_v

    1999 Much Music Performance

    I was thinking about that the other day. She seemed like a really cool person. I don't know if she even asked for money for the tapes. Had a lot of conversations with her back in the day and she was somehow always a very knowledgeable person about the band. I remember her last name but won't post it on here for obvious privacy reasons. Wonder if she posts here under a different name? I don't think she ever used her real one on the RFH message boards.

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