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  1. Fascinating All of it. Absolutely fascinating. I was thinking of asking you for a break down of each song but thought that might be a little too much to ask about, lol. You not only describing each song, but also giving a description of all the different subjects addressed (on top of what the feel of each song was like) is greatly appreciated. I mean that. I agree it's definitely too bad it's stuck in a vault, but even getting to hear about the songs individually is truly satisfying simply from a point of curiosity. To know that those political subjects (disharmony, bias, racial injustice, social reform) have always been an interest of Matt's is pretty cool and it's also interesting to note that the other subjects covered (mental health in 12 second tour; the denigration that comes with unhealthy relationships in The Navigator; boredom and imagination in Ceiling Song; etc) are ones that Matt has always had an interest in too. Likewise, the tone and feel of the instrumentals seems like it runs the gamut as is the case in most of Matt's albums which is something that I have always appreciated. You get light songs, dark songs, ballads, heavy rockers, acoustics, etc. Was also cool to see that Matt and the band covered another Depeche Mode song. I hadn't heard of that one before so I had to go look it up. Given how well Matt, Ian, Dave, Geoff did with Enjoy the Silence, I can only imagine that he and the talent of Judy, Steve, Ariel, and Eran must have knocked that one out of the park. Anyways, thanks again!
  2. Alright, finally have some more time off so I’ll move onto The Lost Album. With regards to it, it’s interesting to read how you describe it. On one hand you note that you felt the songs from the Lost Album were better than those from 15 Hours and yet “still in the progressive folk-rock domain, long etudes, poetic and Dylanesque, but more radio friendly”. But, you also note that it was “way more folk, way more lyrics. More Talk Talk than Pixies…”. That sounds really interesting: Talk Talk meets Dylan in a radio friendly way? Would that be an accurate summary? Another thing that strikes me is all the different songs there were and especially the names: Where Ever We May Go; 12 second Tour; Ceiling Song; Awkward; Black Penny; The Navigator; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; I Dream of Dolphins; Sky Pilot; Never Let Me Down; Healers and Saints; A Mile Out of Paris. So 12 all together (but not all recorded, such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf)? While sometimes names can sound completely different from what the sonic instrumentals are for an actual song, sometimes they sound exactly like what one would expect (The Fall of Man for example). As such, a lot of these names got me thinking about what they all sounded like. For example, I noticed there was a song named Sky Pilot that you were all working on during February 9th of 1995. Being a nerd and thinking of the title I’m imagining something between Blue Bird and Generation X-Wing, though given your description of the album I’m probably off on that. Was it ever finished? -Where Ever We May Go was not only the opening track for the Lost Album, but it was also included in the A list (along with Awkward). Does that mean you and the band were possibly thinking about redoing those two tracks and including them on LOTGA? Likewise were they more in the vein of LOTGA too? When I hear a name like WEWMG I, rightly or wrongly, kind of think of a ballad (similar to Fearless or Apparitions). - I noticed the section in there where you noted there being a "tug of war" with each new submission of songs on the Lost Album. Is that to suggest there was a lot discussion and debate about how the songs would ultimately be finalized? Again, as usual you don’t have to answer all these questions, but I just thought I’d throw them out there because they are what came to mind when first watching this video. Thanks again, John!
  3. I'll add these to the list Also, the interview has been moved back to this Saturday so both me and Ian have a little more time to get our ducks in a row. So if people have more questions please feel free to continue adding them.
  4. Hi everyone, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of LOTGA I’m supposed to be doing a video interview with Ian on Canada Day (this Wednesday). We’re of course going to be talking about LOTGA, Ian’s thoughts on the album, and what recording it was like. “If” we have the time I’d be happy to throw in some questions from users here on The Bored. We’ve scheduled about 45 minutes to an hour for the interview so depending on how short or long it takes me to get through the questions and format I’ve drafted, it’s possible I might have time to field some questions from here. So if anyone does have any questions for Ian please feel free to leave them below. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to fit them in, but I will make an honest effort if people do post a few below. If people don’t have any, that’s fine too. Just wanted to make sure I made the offer in case anyone was interested.
  5. Well, since I'm going chronologically I’ll throw a few more out there next for 15 hours. That is easily my favourite Pre-LOATGA album and has some of my favourite tracks from both MGB or MG’s catalogue in it (specifically Parable and Bluebird). -As the title suggests it was recorded all in one day. What was behind the drive for this? Was it just to save money or did the band just feel they wanted to capture a live off the floor feel for the album? -As I said, so many good songs: The Bomb Maker, The Ocean, LOTGA, Brand New Tune, Parable. But out of all of them- and even everything that has come after for Matt- Bluebird to this day remains one of my favourite songs of all time. The openess, the hopefulness, the energy, the progression, the lyrics, all the instrumentation done by every single band member and everything about the song is just so inspiring. My question about the song is whether or not that was one that everyone spent a long time on during pre-production to try and make sure it was as good as it could be or if it just came together quickly and naturally? -U mentioned Euphony was straight up all written by Matt. I’ve heard that this one was more of a group effort. Could u expand upon what the writing process was like for this one? Again, obviously if it was recorded in 15 hours the songs had been worked out long in advance I would assume. -Do you have any favorites from this album that specifically stood out to you after listening to it again after so long?
  6. Man those are some beautiful covers! I especially like the Subversive Literature (which is a great idea and title) and Vancouver ones. The WLRARR (a lit up and upside down American flag during the Iraq War ), CN, and SLAS are great choices and concepts too. Thanks a lot for sharing!
  7. Again, thanks a lot for doing this, John. Very interesting stuff. I've got "a lot" of questions, but I think I'll just start at the beginning and ask some things related to the recording of the first album, Euphony. -If you started recording in January of 1994 I'm assuming you met Matt for the first time in late 93 then. After your work with Sex with Nixon, did Dan just approach you on Matt's behalf and discuss the songs they were looking to record? Or how did that first introduction go? -With regards to the songs on that album, what was the recording process like? I'm assuming if you all recorded 6 songs in 4 sessions that pre-production for all of them must have been completed before entering the studio? -Euphony has always been one of my favorite tracks given that amazing bass line and how everything else (the lyrics, keyboard, drums, acoustic guitar) just formed around it to create this really timeless, haunting, and dark commentary. When it was recorded I'm assuming you were all pretty impressed with it or it wouldn't have been entered into the C-Fox Seeds contest. Was that the "demo derby" you reference at the 3:21 section of the video? If so, what exactly was "a demo derby"? Sounds interesting. Likewise, after winning it, did that mean Euphony was actually being played on Vancouver radio? -In fact, Push, Heather's Like a Sunday, and Dancing Invisible are also really great tracks, imo. Still listen to them to this day. Do you know if Matt wrote most of the material for that album himself or was it more of a band collaboration on that album?
  8. While I can imagine some people not being into this because looking at the past is seen as a pejorative exercise, I've always said I don't think there's anything wrong with appreciating both the past and the present at the same time (especially for a 25 year anniversary). For example, even though I admitted I wasn't a huge fan of Moving Walls at first, that album has definitely grown on me and I also absolutely love the creativity in the Crisis Airline tracks that Matt released a couple months ago. To that end though, I definitely do not think there is anything wrong with appreciating where an artist you respect and appreciate came from either, and I've always said it boggles my mind that Matt is not a fan of LOTGA and some of the even earlier stuff. The perfect bass lines that Geoff came up with for that album, and some of the songs from Euphony/15 hours are just straight up timeless and I couldn't ever say no to learning a bit more about that time period since, as Adam said, so little is known. So obviously my hat goes in the "Yes" pile too :)
  9. You two should check your inbox next time you're online here. And yeah, Adam talked to Matt about the videos during a Q and A session last year.
  10. Came across this guy when I discovered a cover he did of MG's Sicily. He has some really unique originals, imo, that I've quite enjoyed listening to.
  11. Not too sure where else to post this so I thought I would post it here. Anyways, the 4 of you should check your message boxes if you see this.
  12. All 3 are now just in the link that Gweeps just shared above and are available for download. I have to say that I'm liking both new songs. The piano and the bridge in Victory is Free are standouts to me and his use of strings and electronic elements in Back of the Tiger (on top of the themes touched on in the sound clips he used are pretty poignant. I like the fact that he used them from John. F. Kennedy who really was an incredibly president). Also have to say I'm always surprised by how proficient Matt is at using the drums in Garageband considering you have to be good at using a key board to produce them in first place which is not the easiest thing.
  13. Hey, I don't know if I have what you'd be looking for, but I do have a lot of content back from in the day. If you want to P.M me feel free and I'll see if I can't send you some of the stuff you lost.
  14. I hadn't heard from Travis in over a month and after having called the Langley hospital earlier this week without any results I came across this online tonight. https://www.bclocalnews.com/obituaries/travis-jeremy-simons/ Username: Barfnuts I'll have to ask everyone's forgiveness for the length of this since I've never written one of these for a Bored member here and I've always sucked at keeping things short. Most of you didn't know Travis on account of him just starting to post here this past November, but me and Adam had the honest pleasure of meeting him this past January in his own town of Langley. He was the gentleman who interviewed Matt after his hometown show in Coquitlam back in May of 1998. Right after that he put together/narrated this little segment for Roger's Cable despite only being 18 years old at the time: 21 years later after finding Adam's thread here about rare MGB videos, he would find the material he had from that night, convert it to digital, and share a bit of it with us on The Bored here just to be kind since so many of us were asking him how much other footage of the concert he still had. It's a wonderful video and made a lot of us exceptionally happy to see. He was also a super talented musician who never quite had the breaks he was looking for, but regardless always loved creating: It's funny...not much more than a month ago we were discussing how so many people who grew up on MGB would go onto to become musicians themselves and I can't help but think Travis would have included himself in that category to one degree or another since he always said MGB was a huge influence for him. Anyways, regardless of the short time period I knew him, through the many things we discussed online here- and the evening myself and Adam spent hanging out with the guy that I will never forget- I can say without hesitancy that he was a good person, who had a decent/kind soul, and lived by an honest/worthwhile set of morals. I'm extremely grateful for the time I had to know him and will miss him a hell of a lot. Thanks for reading.
  15. Just a couple things I came across on Youtube that I thought were worth sharing: 1- A good interview Matt did with CBC earlier on this year about the new album. 2- A cover of Sicily that a musician did doing all the instruments himself.
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