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  1. The wait between vaccine times is troubling. Recently a virologist named Dr. Geert Vaden Bossche came out warning that he doesn't believe we should be vaccinating people in the middle of a pandemic because of the risk for existing variants to mutate into something that could kill far, far more people than are dying right now. Even those who disagree with him on his position of stopping vaccines agree that a slow roll out of the vaccine could lead to something resembling what he is talking about. Those two views considered, given that the manufacturers of the mRNA vaccines recommended only 3 t
  2. Admittedly I wasn't really a fan of the first hour and 15 minutes of the film (save for Steppenwolf's amazing entrance), but I have to admit after that time point, it got surprisingly a lot better and finished with a great climax (miles ahead of the theatrical cut). Anyone else had a chance to check out his original 4 hour long version of the film yet?
  3. Speaking of pills, I don't know if this is of note, since I'm not sure what was on the site before all of this started, but the mention of pills got me thinking about what's on the main page for the website. When I did a search of green and white pill capsules it cited Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride, which apparently is used for alcohol withdrawal. The pic on his front page looks quite similar to Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride capsules. Does anyone know if the front page was different back in January?
  4. Speaking of apologies, I should offer one myself. I really shouldn't be recounting other people's stories second hand. That's for them to do, not me, because second hand stories often contain inaccuracies. Sharon just provided some clarification for me about the timeline of my original comment (which I had originally misunderstood) and as such I deleted my post where I talked about that. Even small details of misunderstanding can lead to large misconceptions and accuracy is always important. I should know better and should have clarified with Sharon before I said anything. So yeah, my ap
  5. Edit- deleted because it contained semi inaccurate, second hand info.
  6. I understand what you’re saying, but have to respectfully disagree. To excuse the behavior would be to ignore it and say Matt just can’t help it. I do not believe I said that (and if that is the interpretation some people got, that was not my intention). What I did try to explain is that there is a difference between excusing something and understanding it. After all, excusing something equals ignoring/forgiving it (which is not my place to do here); understanding something equals examining why something occurred so that it can be productively addressed and prevented in the future.
  7. I wanted to wait until Matt had made a substantive public post about all of this before I chimed in publicly (because I do believe that everyone should have a chance to defend themselves before being publicly judged/having their persona executed), but since you're echoing a common comment that many people have already shared, I guess now is as good a time as any to share some thoughts I've had in private. If I can, I'd like to start a discussion around several things that include our perceptions around following: 1- People with mental illness and our understanding of specific kinds
  8. Good lord, man. Definitely doesn't look you had much free time at all. As always thanks for all the info. Love reading this stuff. Since you're cool with more questions, I'll throw another one out here with regards to tunings. Would I be correct in assuming Been Down was written in drop D and Feeling in standard? Would love to teach myself those two on guitar.
  9. Man, not that the versions on Youtube are bad by any means, but I can notice a big difference in the production quality from what was uploaded there verses what was is downloaded from Bandcamp. I'm assuming that simply has to do with there being less compression in the versions from Bandcamp verses what's uploaded on Youtube? Either way, I've been loving listening to these for several reasons, not least of which is that the production quality/style I heard on LOTGA can be heard in these too. If anyone who reads this enjoyed what they heard on Youtube, and has the the spare cash, I would strong
  10. Not that I doubted him, but John wasn't joking when he said he's a multi-instrumentalist, lol. Guy wrote, recorded and performed some decent songs of his own throughout the decades and seems to have more workable vocals styles than almost any artist I know. Been Down Vancouver 2010 Blues We Are Not One
  11. As always, thanks a lot for the effort that you 3 put into getting this out there I downloaded it yesterday. Aside from the picture quality being amazing, there's a little part at 12:11 (as they are finishing HSIY) that stuck out to me. Dave just has the biggest smile on his face. You could tell how much he enjoyed performing the song that night. Plus, Matt seemed really into their performance of Deep Six which is always great to watch. However, am I the only one that is now getting a "404- not found" message when clicking on Chad's site?
  12. This may have been mentioned else where, but it looks like Everything is Automatic has been scrubbed as well, unfortunately.
  13. I was thinking the other day that this site has been around since 2004. That's 16 years of this place where we've all come over the years to interact and communicate with each other. Aside from random discussions about whatever topic that gets raised, this place has also let us get to know each other better and even do meet ups in person, on top of getting to hear from members of the band and Matt himself over the years. And none of this would have been possible without Anton starting and maintaining this message board. So, since I don't know if anyone has ever said so publicly, I just wanted
  14. Big Wreck seem to have found a cool and interesting way around the restrictions by borrowing from the come back of drive in theaters:
  15. Those are some really cool videos. Thanks for sharing, Chris. Bones really did fit in well with everyone. Interesting story Matt referenced with Holy about all of them doing an over 20 minute rendition of All Along the Watch Tower back in 95. Also interesting how he mentioned that was the night they all shaved their heads for charity. That would have been a show to see too Again, thanks for the share
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