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  1. Honestly, even though I know you're just joking, that is an analogy I really do regret using now. People who know me know that even though I sometimes choose my words very carefully, at other times I just write whatever is sitting at the top of my head, especially when it comes to topics I'm passionate about. The original post I made here was a mixture of both. I wanted to make sure I was honest, but also fair and not by any means fully negative either. Either way, the baloney comment was below the belt. If I was Matt and I read a long time fan make that kind of a comparison it would probably sting me a little too and the last thing I've ever wanted to do is cause any kind of pointless discomfort to someone who has done as much for me as Matt has done through his music over the decades. As I noted, I should have been more careful and diplomatic about how I wrote that paragraph. Just because I don't find as many of his songs as moving as I used to does not by any means mean that I'm not still grateful for the songs (new and old) that I still do like. Likewise, the quality over quantity comment was probably unfair too since in the past people (not me though) have complained about his albums not having enough songs on them. Like I said, he can't please everyone and I really do hope he focuses more so on the vast majority of positive comments people are making everywhere about his album instead of possibly allowing the few less than positive ones like mine to get him.
  2. Feel like I should apologize. It's been a while since you've been here, Matt. I wrote what I wrote and I'm not going to be a fake sycophant by erasing it/pretending like I didn't write it- or even back tracking- but had I known you for sure were going to read my post I would have crafted it with much more care and diplomacy. I'm not naive enough to think that you care what a random, over opinionated fan like myself has to say on a message board, but on the off chance my words did get to you, you have my honest apologies and regret. I've said this before, but I'll say it again- your music over the decades has given me and hundreds of thousands of others more than any other artist ever has and I think I speak for the majority of us when I say we are eternally grateful. My initial opinion on this album is nothing more than that- an initial opinion- and does not cancel out all of the good you've done in the past. Likewise, most importantly, I certainly hope you don't focus on the few negative reviews as much as you focus on the vast majority who have expressed their gratitude to you for this album. You go on any social media outlet- be it Youtube or Facebook- and you'll see just about every comment noting how they love this music and- in the case of the Sicily video- noting how it actually saved their life. With regards to the few negative reviews here- including mine- you're never going to please everyone and nor are you required to. You do what you do and it's always been honest. Regardless of perceptions, I think everyone here respects you for that. Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the song writing process too. Cheers, Matt.
  3. I wouldn't say I'm bored to tears by it, but I agree that out of everything he's ever released, upon a first listen this probably the one that ranks at the bottom of my list for him right now. Like you, I'm glad others are enjoying it and I can understand why too- a lot of the songs have a very uplifting sound to them and it seems like on this album Matt wanted to the lyrical content to be front and centre, which I can appreciate since most of the time Matt is a very prolific lyricist (this album being no exception). Furthermore I can appreciate the fact that as usual he's trying to branch out and do something different from a sonic perspective. But for me, it just doesn't really work. Don't get me wrong, even weak songs by Matt still aren't bad, but I just find that there are a lot of songs on this album that sound very similar to each other, and more importantly sound somewhat only half baked/a little lazy. Take "Your Rainy Sound" for example. It has a beautifully driven and inspiring opening intro/verse to it, but what should only be a pre chorus- one that leads into a thundering real chorus that compliments how powerful the intro/verse is- ends up being the chorus. As such it feels like the entire songs suffers as a result. The same critique applies to "A Thousands Tons", imo. It's got a galvanizingly haunting pulse that starts off the song, which then moves into a crescendo like mountain movement which makes you think it's going to lead to an explosively intense new section of the song, but then it just stops, goes back into where it was previously, and then ends. It's like having to listen to the album version of Something Like a Storm again. You think it's going somewhere amazing and then....it just fades into nothing. I hate when songs do that. To be clear and fair though, there are definitely some good ideas in here, and I really appreciate the uplifting/inspired feeling that a lot of them have. "Dreading It", for example, is a fucking beautiful song to me. The lyrical content and the sonic composition are driven and have a worthwhile/meaningful theme and ending to them. I'm really looking forwards to hearing this one live because if there's one weak spot in the song it would be that it feels like the drumming at the end should have been more heavy. When allowed to on the stage Blake always nails it and I think if he has the freedom to let loose he could help make it an even stronger ending. One of Them Years and Selling You My Heart are other stand outs to me. They still sound like Matt and have an interesting/meaningful progression. I guess ultimately what fails for me though overall is that a lot of these songs don't really sound like Matt Good songs. Save for Matt's vocals, they sound like they could be from any number of different adult contemporary artists out there over the last few decades, which is of course disappointing because in the past one of the things I've always loved about Matt is that even if you took away his vocals you could always identify that it was "his" sound. As the years go on it seems like he's losing that drive/originality that made his music so great. There are still powerful ideas within his songs, but when it comes to consistency and even movements within individual songs it seems to be getting more rare that he's able to do finish them with as strong a drive as they started with (another good example of this is There the First Time- it has a wicked first half which moves into an amazing bridge that makes you think something even bigger is coming afterwards, but then it just moves back into what came before it). If I were to compare this album as a whole to anything it actually reminds me a little of Our Lady Peace's "Burn, Burn". That album was a very different sound for the band, but if it wasn't for Raine's vocals, most of the tracks on that record (save for Monkey Brains) could have been from a hundred different mundane and indistinguishable pop rock bands in North America. I feel the same way about this one for Matt. Save for a couple good songs, the rest of them kind of sound like filler songs, and again, even where there are some good ideas, it feels like the rest of the material was just slapped together like a baloney sandwich for the sake of having a completed song. I almost wish he would take longer between albums and work on the songs more so that the final product is stronger. I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week. All that said, this is all just my opinion after a first listen. Upon multiple listens I may appreciate it more and I'll fully admit all of the above is nothing more than a subjective opinion.
  4. I don't know if it was actually public. It was in 2002 and both of them were keynote speakers at New Music West. At some point during the speech Matt references himself and Gene speaking back stage and how they had different perspectives regarding the goal that new artists should have when it comes to choosing goals. Sounded like it was a friendly and amicable conversation from what I remember Chad has the entire thing up on his site here: http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads/audio/misc/newmusicwestspeech.mp3 Probably one of the best talks he's ever done. And there's a 5 and half minute clip of him playing and speaking at NMW that year here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SD3ThrW_RA
  5. As usual Matt gives an introspective and honest interview about a variety of topics. Worth a watch, imo.
  6. No, that makes that sense. I think there's more than a few pieces of Matt's music these days that have a feeling of age, but I mean that in a good way because the ones that do communicate a sense of authenticity and haunting that is really quite beautiful and striking at times. I think the same thing about his reworking of Fearless. It's obviously different than the original, and yet the acoustic nature, the way he sings it with a tired presentation, and the quiet way he strums/picks the chord progression to create a haunting feel is really quite beautiful, especially when contrasted with the original which had such an uplifting and energetic feel to it (which I also love). The new one is like listening to something with the same soul/hope, but just with a different exterior- one that has been through "a lot" of shit over 2 and half decades. Feels like Selling You My Heart has that same kind of vibe to it and I think the video is meant to communicate that as well.
  7. Lol, seems like you were right. Instead of "tomorrow" we got it tonight.
  8. You'll have to let us know how it is. Always wanted to check out Limblifter live. Him and Matt actually did a couple cool and experimental demos together back in 2004. This is a video Matt released of him and Ryan working on a demo called Agoraphobe. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OdMArBTySzz11ower0OcFNPJ0bK_3rE_ The finished product is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpc20ps6mDw They also did another one called Seriously Serious. It's probably the most experimental work I've heard from Matt and has a really intense/urgent feel to it. Fantastic lyrics, imo, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnejenNAgxk Then, lastly, there was their masterpiece- Free Download: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7c0JQZ2YF8 (I remember a few people got a bit salty when this song was released , lol )
  9. I’ve been to a few. They’ve varied in content for each one, so it depends what you’re looking for. I haven’t checked the site yet, but usually where u buy the tickets it explains what the ticket will include for that purchase. The 2015 one included getting to see the sound check, a signed lanyard, and a chance to ask Matt some questions. The 2018 one included the sound check again, but no question and answer session (I think Matt was too tired given his illness. Him and the band just hung out for a little bit after, took a pic with the entire group, and then left). I wasn’t there for the 2019 tour, but the q and a session was brought back for that one. And wow, 93 eh? U must be one of the longest running fans I’ve ever heard of. Did u see him live back in the early 90s solo or with the pre MGB band? Or even in the mid 90s when he had just started MGB?
  10. Completely agree, especially about LOES (the song) and that’s a perfect example of having mixed feelings about a track due to the way it was produced. I don’t think it’s a bad one on the album (in fact I think it’s beautiful, contemplative, and hopeful) but when it was played live with Matt and Johnny adding such strong backing guitar to it, the song takes on far more weight and power for me. Same thing goes for Non Populas. Nothing against the album version, but the live version? One of my favourite MG or MGB songs ever because of the intensity of the ending which is created from all the players on stage going all out. I know Matt intentionally wanted less guitar and more piano and horns on that album- and I can completely respect that- but personally songs carry more weight for me when there is more sound and more instrumental explosions that are going on (which is one of the reasons I’m also a huge Explosions in the Sky fan- they’re quite and melodic when they need to be, but when songs call for loudness they don’t hold back). Just a personal preference.
  11. Wish there were more videos of this song live. It's one of my favorite songs from his solo catalogue. I've tried to sort out my thoughts regarding how to rank his solo albums twice now, but it keeps coming off as a confused mess on account of the fact that there are songs I like and dislike on every album based on both production value and simply the way it was wrote. Good topic though, lol.
  12. Holy fuck...the amount of sneering and elitism in this thread was incredible. Not sure how I missed this thread back in 2005. Anyways, nothing against people disliking different music since it is subjective, but I mean...just fuck me. I don't own any of the bands CD's or songs, but if anything I'll at least give them credit for being nothing more than a set of teenagers who were still able to do what 95 percent of bands can't which is make a name for themselves, break into the mainstream, tour with some of the biggest bands in North America, and release 4 albums in 4 years. And I'll come out and say it- I like the song Mistake and the music video. Don't care what anyone thinks. And not that it matters, but given the like to dislike ratio on Youtube, I'd say I'm not alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyH-iXX4e-M
  13. No idea what station this one came from but another interviewer posted some old footage recently too. Pretty laid back interview with Matt in 98 when MGB was touring with Big Sugar.
  14. I remember that video. Took a look for it on Youtube and around the web but couldn't find it either. It's a shame as it was a incredibly well put together and edited. If it ever comes available again I'll post it here.
  15. With regards to the topic/theme of the video/song, I think the fact that different people are drawing different things from it goes to show how Matt is still great at crafting. Anytime people can look at/listen to something and get different things out of it, that means it can reach more people, and that's one of the reasons Matt's work is so impactful- because it's crafted in a way that is subjective and open to interpretation. Personally, I love it when artists (even though something obviously has its own personal meaning to them) leave it up to the audience to interpret the theme. As far as the video goes, Matt spoke to ET Canada just recently and has this to say about it: The intent behind the video was to juxtapose the oddity of the saddened perception of the clowns with their obvious companionship and the strength of it revealed in the video,” Good said in a statement. “It’s a comment on how, in this day and age, the complexities of emotion are presented as uncomfortable. That one must be a standardized happy to be happy.” https://etcanada.com/news/544482/matthew-good-debuts-music-video-for-his-emotional-new-single-sicily/ On a slightly different topic, I have to admit, it has been a pleasant surprise that because I like the video so much it seems to have made me appreciate the song itself more. I'll admit, when I first heard Sicily I was kind of..."meh" about it. Didn't think it was bad and didn't think it was great. Now every time I hear it I picture the video in my head and it makes me appreciate the song more. Funny how association works like that.
  16. Pretty cool. Second professional video Matt's been in since 2004. Really like the setting, lighting, fireworks and, for the most part, the editing. Nice to see he included his new girlfriend in the video too. Glad to see the guy has someone in his life again. Also just appreciated Matt's presence in the video in general. He always seems to convey a good sense of authenticity (I'm thinking specifically of the Apparitions and Strange Day videos). Thoughts?
  17. Thanks for posting that too! Just an outsider's perspective, but both it and the edited clip that was aired with bits of songs that the band played sounded honestly professional. I think that as human beings we have a tendency to be even more critical of ourselves than others might be. I remember once back in 2015 at VIP soundcheck/question and answer thing that Matt did in Calgary I got to reference something he said regarding politics years back and then ask him if he would ever consider running as an independent himself. As I was doing it I thought I must sound nervous as shit because I could hear my own voice breaking at certain points (which is also funny because normally I'm not a nervous person or bad at public speaking) but when I listened back to it I could barely notice anything all. So don't beat yourself up. It was a really well put together segment and I didn't notice it sounding amateur like. Over all that's pretty incredible getting to do that for your first interview ever, especially at that age. I think anyone would be nervous to interview someone who was (at the time) just on the cusp of becoming one of Canada's largest rock musicians. It was interesting hear his remark that he thought they maybe played it safe when it came to the writing of the album. For better and worse it definitely worked out for them. What was it like meeting/interviewing him back then? Did you meet any of the other band members? (If you don't mind me asking) As an aside, I had a random thought regarding the HSIY video last night when I was watching it again- I found it really interesting that Matt was playing the lead guitar in that song. When I originally compared the Raygun version to the LOTGA version, I always honestly thought that was Dave's guitar work given how polished and well done it was (and given that Dave was officially the lead guitarist). I had no idea that was Matt's handy work and that he could do it that well. I know after the band broke up that he would do a lot of the positions himself in the studio (and even live too when it came to guitar- see the lead work on Near Fantastica) but that was a fun little bit of info to learn regarding this individual song. I wonder if there were any others on Underdogs where he did lead guitar.
  18. Trust me, no one is going to hate you. You owe us nothing and your explanation makes perfect sense. Anton used to talk with Matt every once in a while, so who knows, maybe he can let him know if he thinks it wouldn't bother Matt or get you into trouble. That said, I know Adam confirmed earlier this year- when he asked Matt directly about early footage- that Matt has no interest in searching it up himself as, like you said, he does not look back on that time period fondly due to the internal politics that soured even the good aspects of that time period of the band's success, which is understandable. I think I speak for all of us when I say it was incredibly nice of you to share even that short video and even if it gets taken down, it was incredibly cool to be even able to see it once. Peace
  19. Also, thanks for sharing this and your story about your time filming it/interviewing Matt. It's incredible to learn that the Inescapable Us was played live as I thought that was the one song Matt had never done live from that album. Chad, any chance you could get this setlist uploaded to your website?
  20. Dude...thank you...so much. This means more than words can express to a lot of us who have been fans since the MGB days. That you would dig this up and take the time to upload it/share it with us is truly a gift. I mean that. This is literally the only live performance of HSIY that exists on youtube that I am aware of. That's not to mention the fact that- like Adam mentioned- there is so little live footage of the band from this time period (especially Geoff). I'll echo Adam's reiteration that we all respect Travis's wish and not share this outside The Bored. We're lucky to have even this and- aside from the fact that it would be disrespectful to him after he asked us not to- we don't want it taken down from Youtube if some big wig decides this is copyright infringement or some other bullshit. Again, Travis, "thank you".
  21. Just curious if anyone has a copy of this interview in audio or video. I noticed it seems to have been scrubbed from the internet which is rather strange. It was a good interview from what I remember. Instead of sniping at each other like they had done for years earlier, they actually had a civil back and forth and discussed some rather interesting topics. It was refreshing to see two people from opposite isles of the political spectrum actually sit and prove that people with opposite viewpoints on a lot of issues could still find common ground on others.
  22. I remember hearing Load Me Up on the radio as my first introduction to the band back in the fall of 99. After that I went and bought the album, was amazed and hooked, and then went out and got what existed of their catalogue at the time. So thankful I heard that song because a lot of MGB/Matt's music has been a soundtrack for my life and MGB still holds the record for greatest concert ever during their last run in the summer of 2001 (it was at Red Deer, Alberta, in the Centrium) . Likewise, to this day, Giant remains one of the most amazing and magical songs I have ever heard in my life.
  23. If you both want to P.M me your e-mails I can just send a direct copy tonight so you don't have to wait for me to get it uploaded online. Might be a bit faster that way.
  24. Did you find it? If not I do have a copy of that. Think it was posted sometime around the mid 2000s on his site. Really cool instrumental track. When it was downloaded originally the name that came with it was "Globes". However, I don't know if that was the name Matt gave it or just the name that the person who originally copied it gave it. I'll see if I can't make a copy of it available here or somewhere on the internet sometime this week when I have a day off. Agreed. That is one of the most amazing tracks of music I have ever heard in my life (and that's despite the fact that the production on it is only from a demo). I still listen to it to this day. It's one of the few times Matt has ever let his influence from Explosions in the Sky show. The different sonic landscapes he explores are just mind bending and so soulful. I may see if I can make that available again too.
  25. Did anyone go to the show in Grand Bend? I'm looking at the setlist for the show am curious if the last 3 songs were written with the "/" symbol simply because who ever wrote the set list was lazy or because all 3 of those songs were combined. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0yeLj6gX_u/
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