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  1. Right?! SWW was a pleasant surprise alright...I really love the solo acoustic tours best, only b/c I find MG to be much more engaged somehow - your term "magical" is perfect. So much of his music translates perfectly in that format...I feel bad for all you folk not in the vicinity of a show... haha *grabs cape & wears it to work*
  2. In case any of you are interested to have a listen I recorded some audio from the Sidney, BC show and most of the songs from tonight's show in Victoria. The audio is not terrible at all so if you feel inclined - here you go. :) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UYmgHdDOzbS91uIPF5v0dw1e6TdMqRbH?usp=sharing
  3. I truly detest it when the shouty shitheads are out in full force at MG shows...Sidney was amazing b/c the crowd and MG had such great mojo - it was an exceptional show. I find he is often upsetty spaghetti at Vic shows so it was a treat and I hope tonight goes smoothly.
  4. Off the top of my head... Alert Status Red... Born Losers... It's Been a While Since...
  5. I prefer these solo acoustic tours to the full band ones so this news was very welcomed by me...Oddly enough, the "hits" since going solo are all my least favorite songs of his - I am hoping this tour will have the same vibe as some previous solo acoustic tours - they were my favorite performances...I will say when he played WWWHR a tour or so ago live I wept....like a GD baby...never thought I would hear that song live...if it gets a repeat solo acoustic I would be over the moon.... JEN'S DREAM SETLIST - (I will probably leave some obvious ones out, don't murder me): She's Got a New Disguise, Haven't Slept in Years, Change of Seasons, Strange Days, I Miss New Wave, Let's Get it On, Running for Home, Fina Art of Falling Apart, Tripoli, Truffle Pigs, I, The Throw Away, WWWHR, A Long Way Down, House of Smoke & Mirrors, Were So Heavy, Empty Road, Champions of Nothing, 99%/Failure, On Nights Like Tonight, Volcanoes, Suburbia, How It Goes, Shallow's Low, Non Populous, Set Me On Fire, Via Delorosa, Mutineering, Guns of Carolina, Moment, Los Alamos, Harridan, This is Night, Something Like a Storm.
  6. Ahh yes....I am looking fwd to that show the most...I hate getting out to Sidney but you cannot beat that venue!
  7. I hear ya...I'm a dickhead every tour and and end up with so many extra tickets to sell lol Easy to flog if they are good though...the McPherson looks like a sell out, the bottom was near gone as half the balcony when I looked this morning. VIP will be awesome, worth every penny! ✌
  8. I went on today and lucked out with 1st row....so im selling the D 18 & 19 and the B 22 & 23 set...face value if you know anyone looking No, no interest in the VIP ever...but the swag component looks great - you?
  9. I think we are sitting together haha I have D 18 and 19....going to try for better ones tomorrow and Friday....but these will do....The Sidney show I have 2nd row so all is well with the world again :)
  10. Anyone know why the app is no longer available on Google Play? #newphoneproblems **sorry if this was already talked about somewhere**
  11. The FB event page says the FB presale code is TOUR for the Victoria show...if anyone gets confirmation of the artist presale code please share - I will do the same. I haven't been getting MG website mail for ages and just added a few other emails to test...so I don't want to assume the artist presale code will come tonight. Looking fwd to this tour very much! :)
  12. Welcome to "clubbing with douchebags"...no rhyme or reason. Glad you are ok, could have been much, much worse.
  13. Garden State (again) - excellent. Going to see Zach Braff's "Wish I Was Here" tomorrow.
  14. Holy hell....if there is no Victoria show added for the regular tour I may actually shit the bed...I saw Courtenay and Nanaimo listed and figured if he goes there it is a huge waste to not do Vic too...now that the US dates got kyboshed I am really hoping a Vic date appears...haven't missed a tour of his since...the last (I assume) tour MGD was on in 2000....I opted out of Rock the Shores b/c I hate line ups and crowds (and sun....haha) with the hope he will be in Vic the end of Nov. FINGERS CROSSED! Ugh - I know that kid....he is from Powell River and thinks he is some sort of musical expert now that is a Victoria resident...total ass...and that is crap journalism right there to prove it.
  15. I am tempted to go...but won't even though I haven't missed an MG show in 12+ yrs...not in love with summer festivals...will wait for him to come back on his own tour. Was a bit worried they might be all mature and make friends and in my fan-dream world David would come on stage with MG and play...haha If that EVER happened and I missed it...well we cannot talk about that....
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