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  1. Would anyone recommend seeing spamalot?
  2. watching it on veoh a few days later....unfortunately
  3. As good as season three is, it doesn't have the same chemistry as the last two.
  4. I think the new song rocks, a million times better than the one with Greenday, but not good enough to warrant another 'greatest hits' CD, nice cash grab Bono.
  5. What do you think? Any favourite songs? I think that read my mind and and the river is wild are two standout tracks for me.
  6. I think he did some good work with Metallica and David Lee Roth and the new hip album I think is really good.
  7. I love the ablum, but it is certainly a departure from classic hip.
  8. Generation X Wing is amazing.
  9. I think that Audio of Being is better as an album listening to it from start to finish, but song for song BM stands out a bit more for me.
  10. Wow, I just listened to both versions, Ryan's is brutal in comparison.
  11. Well excuse me, mr i play every concievable instrument every created on the face of the earth, i would never be in this predicement had you never reared your ugly post, maybe you should stick to the question at hand and not worry about being some smart ass punk, and by the way just because you can play one chord or note doesn't mean you can play the instrument, you know for future reference sake
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