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  1. Uh, at least you have the chance to BUY tickets. I'd be glad to pay 34.50$ to go see a show rather then bust my ass trying to win some.
  2. Yeah, what a fucker for making sure that at least some true fans got free tickets. Would you rather he did absolutely nothing about the whole situation? In my opinion this free ticket giveaway was just as stupid as the bear contest, anyone from anywhere could of sent an e-mail to get tickets. For all I know some Swedish kid might have gotten tickets to the Ottawa show. Bet you anything shit will pop up at the show because probably half the people won't/don't give a rats ass about this free Matt Good show. And that free show on the 16th will probably turn into hell. Zaphod is gay and I can't wait to see how the'll set up security there. Next time I hope he gives his true fans a chance to BUY tickets rather then give them away in some fu**ed up contest.
  3. I'd like to be your guest ;) I sent my e-mail at 12:00:08 (according to the weather network) and I got nothing. Nothing in the junk folder either. This sucks a lot. I hate the bear for this.
  4. BS on this. I got nothing...NOTHING! The Bear has made this the worst year of my life. Oh, btw, I'll pay someone to go if they have an extra ticket.
  5. Well....I'm dying to know if I got tickets..
  6. 1) Middle Class Gangsters 2) Born To Kill 3) My Out of Style is Coming Back 4) Agoraphobe 5) Carmelina 6) Prime Time Deliverance 7) The War is Over 8) In a World Called Catastrophe 9) Weapon
  7. Capital Theatre = Capital Music Hall? If yes, it's on Rideau, a 5 minute walk from the Rideau Center. In front of Cafe Dekcuf and Mavericks.
  8. Anyone send it before 12? I was watching the weather network for the precise time. I sent it at 12:00.08 ;)
  9. I think you pretty much had to give your name, since you'll be on a list. Other then that I just requested tickets. My friend and I sent e-mails, so hopefully we'll have 4 tickets with probably one or two to spare.
  10. I just sent an e-mail. No reply yet though ;)
  11. Anyone win a pair of tickets yet? I always get a busy signal ;)
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