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    Chhhhhhhhha,MG music obviously!!!
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    Remember how we started, 'cause since then, I'm a waste Since then I'm a fool Since then I'm a dog In a world called catastrophe Since then I'm a waste
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    Truffle Pigs
  1. Meh,I'd vote Liberal.......don't feel like explain why...... ;) On a side note,I wonder if we'd end up with another minority government if the election was right now.....
  2. ;) stupid tuition is already high enough as it is!!! :angry:
  3. No Rain ;) "All I can say is that my life is pretty plain I like watchin the puddles gather rain And all I can do is just pour some tea for two And speak my point of view but itts not sane, its not sane"
  4. MGB - Pony Boy :angry: .....love that song!!! ;)........ :angry:
  5. Favorite Bowie song???..........hmmm....I'll have to go with "I'm Afraid of Americans",just because I feel like it!!! ;)
  6. Yeah,I saw sum 41 once live..............it was pretty bad,lol!!! ;)
  7. Yeah,lol,I just noticed that.....awsome!!! ;) Thanks man!! :angry:
  8. :angry: Where's my Remote Control????? :angry: Great song..........unfortunatly,its the only song I know by Age of Electric ;)
  9. I hear lots of good stuff about them,but I'm too lazy to check on them myself..... ;)
  10. no worries,lol,I almost went to see them once......whew,glad I didn't,LOL,j/k ;)
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