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  1. im looking for the tabs for Tripoli and Advertising on Police Cars on Rooms. Apologies if this thread was done before.
  2. does anyone have the tabs to any other Rooms songs?
  3. neh, ottawas been disappointed before. but he added an all ages show as a compromise at that time of saddness. however, im not going to bother fighting other people to get into a free show at Zaphods where i could have bought a ticket and be assured of entry. just dont pull this stuff on us next fall. all we ask.
  4. i turn 19, 8 days after the show. this fucking sucks.
  5. meh, fuck it. im not going to be forced to race against people over the internet for a ticket. if matt didnt want to do things normally in ottawa, than its his loss over many fans disapproval.
  6. i have to admit that in repair is one of my all time favorite songs. and in my opinion, their best song.
  7. tripoli did it for me. however, i think that hello time bomb just didnt work. i was hoping the remix of carmelina was on this aswell. but overall im very happy i bought this album. my Loser Anthems cd was dying on me, and the video collection is pretty damn sweet.


    its okay. im fat too.
  9. ask him why hes fucking over Ottawa, please.
  10. terrible. biggest waste of time and money.
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