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  1. im looking for the tabs for Tripoli and Advertising on Police Cars on Rooms. Apologies if this thread was done before.
  2. does anyone have the tabs to any other Rooms songs?
  3. neh, ottawas been disappointed before. but he added an all ages show as a compromise at that time of saddness. however, im not going to bother fighting other people to get into a free show at Zaphods where i could have bought a ticket and be assured of entry. just dont pull this stuff on us next fall. all we ask.
  4. i turn 19, 8 days after the show. this fucking sucks.
  5. meh, fuck it. im not going to be forced to race against people over the internet for a ticket. if matt didnt want to do things normally in ottawa, than its his loss over many fans disapproval.
  6. i have to admit that in repair is one of my all time favorite songs. and in my opinion, their best song.
  7. tripoli did it for me. however, i think that hello time bomb just didnt work. i was hoping the remix of carmelina was on this aswell. but overall im very happy i bought this album. my Loser Anthems cd was dying on me, and the video collection is pretty damn sweet.


    its okay. im fat too.
  9. ask him why hes fucking over Ottawa, please.
  10. terrible. biggest waste of time and money.
  11. Star Wars Trilogy LOTR Trilogy Signs The Manchurian Candidate (original) Cabin boy The Battle of Britain The Great Escape The Thing South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut Resevoir Dogs Team America: World Police π (pie) The Order Pulp Fiction The Matrix Star Wars I Star Wars II Fight Club Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  12. in your opinion, which actor/celebrity figure needs to make a comeback? AND WHY. my choice: Mr T. this does not require an explanation.
  13. what celebrity do you have pork with, and why?
  14. i cant stand the pompous walking i see in the previews.
  15. For years i have had horrible nightmares about tripods. This movie made me very uneasy at times. But i also found ti very well done. Except for some minor plot holes (camcorder/EMP). also, it could have used more tripod action in my opinion. this movie was great,
  16. this can work, but it needs strict guidelines. something that M$ and Bungie are putting into place. Some studios turned away from their offer because of the restrictions imposed onto them. the directing team would have to follow the Halo Bible, keeping the story in check with the story of the games. i personally blieve that Halo would make a kickass movie. But unfortunately im worried about the script. Bungie has lost everything that made the first Halo good. Most of the talent left, and Halo 2 was insulting. The great thing about the first Halo was the whole environment/story of desperation. It had an enemy that was mysterious and religiously driven to wipe out humanity. May sound like a cliche-story, but it was done well and would look pretty sweet on the big screen. Halo 2 was nothing but a lame tour of the galaxy. It disregarded things from the books, the first game, and left the worst ending to one of the most anticipated games ever. It was as if they made this game for 13 year old fucking kids. The Covenant was a joke this time around. Throwing in shitty dialogue/voicework, and an immensly shitty/letdown of a story isnt going to reassure me that if they have most control over the movie that it would be good.
  17. i was really pissed off with the incompetent fuckers incharge of my grad year book. i asked them to put in my redo-photo and they put in the old one where i am stoned, and have a chain hanging from my nose. fuck!
  18. Lucas has said that the series is going to involve a young boba fett..
  19. well, atleast we know that snookums will go to hell for taking a shit in my slippers.
  20. id have to say that my all time favorite is comfortably numb. and has anyone else see The Wall? the movie.
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