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  1. is this still up anywhere? i wanted digital copies and cannot find them anywhere anymore...
  2. I love diorama too. the new album Young Modern will be good. i dl'd a concert where they played 4 new songs the other day. i thought they all rocked. i can't wait to get it in march.
  3. Muse is the best band on the planet at the moment. they have had no remote resemblance to radiohead since maybe their debut. Black Holes... while not their best album is fantastic.
  4. blue skis over badlands is so boring. that is all.
  5. the new disc is really realy good. my fav tracks on it are come back and severed hand. the spring tour should be awesome, but its gonna be hard to top the hamilton show from the canadian tour...
  6. the acapallea thing in Catastrpohe was cool. the acapella courus in Apparitions was unnecessary. butchered.
  7. I would liek to say that the Brock show was lackluster at best. He Butchered Apparitions, and those morongs that smuggled in their own booze and yelled the forst half of the show for Whispering in the Dark needed a swift kick to the sack. i was really excited to ehar hurt, until he played it. someone should tell Matt that Hurt is a Sad Depressing song and it is not supposed to sound upbeat. That doll was some funy shit though, although you couldn't realyl hear everything that it was saying. overall i prefer when matt plays with the band, its not that hie performance was bad, btu hearing 20 or so acoustic songs just kinda... well doesn't get you exicted. and i don't remember him playing Gen X Wing.
  8. I just read an article in my school newspaper on a performer called silent narcotic. so is this the same guy who re-mixed MGB tracks under Silent Narcotic 17? or just a freak co-incidence that may infringe on one or more copyrights ;)
  9. Well for all of you that are not beating the Arctic Monkeys thread dead, i tohugh i would change it up here. for those of you in Toronto, this week the Edge is have its British Invasion Weekend, and it seems that we have a british invasion that happens every decade and never really has substance... I mean there are a few good bands that are around now. Muse, Streophonics, The Arctic Monkeys (depending on you opinion:P) Franz Ferdinand... etc... IMO the Invasion fo the 90's Oasis, Blur, Stone Roses (i know 89 but...), elastica, Pulp, Placebo was much better... so is this a new invasion or just another over hyped media day?
  10. So now that they are gone from Epic they seem to be making good music again, what do you think of the new single World Wide Suicide... I like it, it sounds like a resurgence of the old Pearl Jam.
  11. uhh the link is dead,, however it sounds liek one of the dudes had his cock out which jsut isn't anything anyone wants to see.
  12. a year ago i would have agreed. but we are comparing them against two of the best rock bands from a great era. G n R and STP. on their own VR are good, not great, but they certainly don;t suck.
  13. running for home change of season
  14. its hard to pick just one. weezer has some dumb fuck lyrics. so does olp. I can;t stand the weakerthans lyrics
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