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  1. You forgot Suburbia!! After Hello Time Bomb. It was a great show, it's too bad we didn't get Tripoli or Prime Time Deliverance... I guess he played them last night and he wasn't in too good of shape to play them. Yeah the stupid guy landed on me. I thought he was jumping beside me and was trying to pay attentention to Matt so yeah...it hurt. I got a setlist! Thought the guy was giving it to someone else and reached out to ask if I could have a picture of it before he gave it away and he placed it in my hand! Couldn't get it autographed though because Matt left right after the show in a van... I hope he's doing ok.
  2. The first guy was named Pat Robitaille, if you google him you can find a couple mp3s on his site and the second group was called Mobile. They said their album would be coming out in the fall...first single in august. Here is the setlist (after reaching up on the 6 foot high stage to get it, i figured i should stick around in the rain to get it autographed lol)
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