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  1. LOTGA is a really fantastic album. i love Vermillion, Alabama Motel Room, Radio Bomb, The War is Over (i love when he starts screaming "the war is over!") and Omissions of the Omen.
  2. what the fuck? what the hell is wrong with some people? i don't understand how some people can be so immature. poor matt.
  3. i absolutely lovvve them. i've been a fan for about a year and a half. we always play their new CD at work, and i love it.
  4. i work at Music World, and Matt Good is number 4 there too, for our location. he's beating Avril Lavigne.
  5. viggy, i totally agree with The Inescapable Us. i can't believe i forgot that song. it is amazing.
  6. two songs that were mentioned above; Casual Walks and Tripoli. i love both of those songs so much. neither get much praise. i also love While We Were Hunting Rabbits. it's my absolute favorite song, yet i don't see many other fans who share my opinion.
  7. if you were a famous rock star, like Matthew Good, and you came to a fan site, much like this one, and saw all the pictures of yourself, and everyone with avatars of you, what would your opinion be? creepy, or flattering?
  8. i was talking to a few of my friends in the states online, half of them don't even know who he is. the others said that his records were impossible to find. but hopefully, they'll smarten up down there, and look harder.
  9. that's really surprising and impressive. although, very deserving.
  10. i personally like that it's just MG(B) related. it makes it special.
  11. what are your favorite lyric(s) off of the new album? mine are: "even at the end of your driveway, i still feel too far away" "so ever morning when the world woke up, there’d only be weather on the news" and "yeah mother fucker we’re number one!" because i love the way he says it.
  12. 21st Century Living House of Smoke & Mirrors While We Were Hunting Rabbits Hopeless Prime Time Deliverance Running for Home
  13. that song is Viva Forever. and "Posh Spice", also known as Victoria Adams married David Beckham, a soccer player. and i swear the only reason i know this is because just last night, there was a Much More Music Bio on them at like, 1am. and i concur, they were a stupid band. if it's even politically correct to call them a band.
  14. i really love Vermilion and Native Son. basically, everything off of Last of the Ghetto Astronauts is underrated, but really good.
  15. well, i feel like an idiot for not finding this myself, haha. but i will most definitely make some wallpapers, and submit them.
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