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    Im a very curious fellow, and therefore interested in most things....the shinier, the better. Honestly, v-games (HALO!), soccer, books of the fantasy and scif-fi variety, hockey, doodling, camping, canoeing, cycling, hiking, TV...mmm TV...food....and most of all: sleep..well sleep and females...
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    "The line between genius and insanity is thin and often crossed, just so I am not accused of anything, I will remain certifiable"
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  1. well i never claimed to be the bool or a bool or anything resembling a bool....that was thrust upon me
  2. maybe...or maybe you just have a tampon fetish?
  3. i dunno...the same way condoms and diapers and their application by other people and use by other people kinda bpthers me too... i mean they have a purpose and all and they do the job well....but why does it have to be advertised and often kinda graphically?
  4. i woundnt want to touch a tampon...by the way tampon commercials really bother me
  5. for silvercity and cinemax (the only ones in town really) your looking at at least a half hours of advertising of one form or another...but when you dont really have a choice you deal with it...mostly by making sarcastic comments
  6. i dunno there was a glimmer of unboringness during the first large scale battle scene....it was well done and actually mentioned tactics a bit...which i enjoyed being the dork i am
  7. well...i need to have someone to make sarcastic comments with...especially if the movie sucks...and universally for ridiculing bad movie promos and commercials...i really hate commercials
  8. this summer i saw like 5 a month....and some decembers or march/aprils i see a bunch too....but during the school year i might see one a month...mostly because i have no one to go with
  9. i am yablo a foreign immigrant who mops the floors and takes out the trash
  10. lol...i knew it wouldnt last...back to annoniminity for me...
  11. how the hell did i make that list?
  12. i have potential ;) no one has ever told me that before
  13. as opposed to incredibly cheap ones
  14. lol katrian i should introduce you to some people actually from claifronia...
  15. what if i dont want to be a bool?
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