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  1. well i never claimed to be the bool or a bool or anything resembling a bool....that was thrust upon me
  2. maybe...or maybe you just have a tampon fetish?
  3. i dunno...the same way condoms and diapers and their application by other people and use by other people kinda bpthers me too... i mean they have a purpose and all and they do the job well....but why does it have to be advertised and often kinda graphically?
  4. i woundnt want to touch a tampon...by the way tampon commercials really bother me
  5. for silvercity and cinemax (the only ones in town really) your looking at at least a half hours of advertising of one form or another...but when you dont really have a choice you deal with it...mostly by making sarcastic comments
  6. i dunno there was a glimmer of unboringness during the first large scale battle scene....it was well done and actually mentioned tactics a bit...which i enjoyed being the dork i am
  7. well...i need to have someone to make sarcastic comments with...especially if the movie sucks...and universally for ridiculing bad movie promos and commercials...i really hate commercials
  8. this summer i saw like 5 a month....and some decembers or march/aprils i see a bunch too....but during the school year i might see one a month...mostly because i have no one to go with
  9. i am yablo a foreign immigrant who mops the floors and takes out the trash
  10. lol...i knew it wouldnt last...back to annoniminity for me...
  11. how the hell did i make that list?
  12. i have potential ;) no one has ever told me that before
  13. as opposed to incredibly cheap ones
  14. lol katrian i should introduce you to some people actually from claifronia...
  15. what if i dont want to be a bool?
  16. i wouldnt touch this thread with a 50 foot bool, i mean pool, i mean pole...
  17. ....darn i wanted to see what you had to say
  18. yeah that was a good trailer...good enough to put the movie on my maybe pile of future movies...
  19. i watched it...i checked my watch 5 times and showed the person next to me three times what time it was when asked....dont get me wrong, parts of it were really well done and good....but other parts were boring or just strange...and no, when i say strange i dont refer to the homoeroticism...The biggest falw to me though was the accent thing...i mean alexander the great sounded like an angry irishman and i dont know what angelina was trying to sound like... Honestly, i was dissapointed....it was a decent film but i am not excited about it and not sure if i would ever watch it again. Which i
  20. lol i was gonna say breakfast club too...even though it is a kinda unrealistic movie in some respects...but you can see glimmers of reality in there... honestly though if your looking for real life movies and TV shouldnt be your point of view
  21. ditto... the commercials anger me enough
  22. really?... and what about the kill bills...they were fun and made by disney....the production compnay thing (miramax?) is owned by disney
  23. my theory is why the hell choose?...i mean im not a devoted football fan (though my brother is) so i watch football quite a bit...and i catch most of the BC games and a few extras and have the TV essentialy locked on the NFL on sunday and monday nights.... and seriously the NFL players are at such a higher level then the cannadian...its really a shame i would also like to point out that i am suspicious that my brother has a man-crush on Paton (sp?) Manning, the QB of the Indianapolis Colts....
  24. lol...its a shame i only have VHS lest i do that...i should watch some aladin..
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