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  1. i dunno...the same way condoms and diapers and their application by other people and use by other people kinda bpthers me too... i mean they have a purpose and all and they do the job well....but why does it have to be advertised and often kinda graphically?

  2. Alright im trying to figure out the name of a song....its got this 80ish electronic rock sound to it...and im 90% sure its by Rush... and for those of you who actually care to help it was played during the space invader bit of the Futurama episode with the "Tale of Interest" about "what if real life were more like videogames"


    if anyone could help it twould be greatly appreciated....and chances are youll get some $NF in the process

  3. starbucks upsets me....for one the gay guy at the one in vancouver was mocking me cause i didnt know all the lingo and crap...and two they lacked any form of chocolate pastries or baking...it was all this trendy crap like a multi-grain-craisin-sundried-tomatoe-low-fat-high-fibre-organically-grown-soya-muffin/cube/scone.....the coffee was good though

  4. i still dont like the site...some of the other rants are pretty stupid or ignorant... for instance the beating up old people, wtf? i think someones grandparents forgot to buy him an xmas present...and the whole white people suck thing was racist on so many levels....and one of the few things that really bother me is serious racism...im aware the guy was probably (hopefully) joking about those topics....but still, what a deutchebag

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