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  1. Danimal you arent enough of an uber-nerd to truly get Futurama....You gotta be a sci-fi nerd to really understand it (hence the enjoyment value of it for me and Crusader) However, That delightful series is over ;)
  2. Isnt the first reality Tv guy the Survivor guy who made Eco-challenge (good stuff) and the whole apprentice thing (which i will admit is decent)....Mark Brunett (maybe? ;) )
  3. i was watching starhunter (for lack of anything better) this weekend and they showed the *IDENTICLE* computer graphic scene 3 times...complete with the same little ship flying by at identicle times.....pretty budget
  4. if it is anything like our Jack fm it'll be a bunch of music adults thought were trendy, like pop music from their days and a lot of college rock.....its alright
  5. i will do it later tonight....i was going to bed too ;)
  6. well there you see the loophole, as a straight guy,(see the comma, it makes the sentence not say i am gay ;)) i am not ,by society's standards, allowed to cry...there for Emmo is crap And yes simple plan does suck....and apparently to some hardcore emmo fans it is an emmo ban (i dont know :S)
  7. they killed 104.9 XFM here, a great altrock station and replaced it with easy listening hits...*shudder*.... you used to be able to hear that station from whistler to hope... (like a third of BC) ;)
  8. you like the aging british wash out artists? "it was all yellow....crap" weak man, weak and yes they are like the most mainstream emmo band
  9. You like Sloan, its like one of the headers of the "crap rock" genre, up there with The Whitestripes, The Vines, Rancid......shudder (i will bitch in full later)
  10. Emo is short for Emotion as fun as Emcrapmo is to say. It is "bands" (i use the term loosely) like coldplay, dashboard confessional, simple plan, dave matthews, and yes, the accursed billy talent
  11. Greetings fellow forum members! It is now the time to lay down your ideas about the upcoming run to the cup! Who do you think will bring home the hallowed cup!?!
  12. Well it isnt a series...yet. It is a two part TV movie, it was on Space a couple of times, and on CityTV this weekend, but other than that it isnt on. However, the Sci-fi channel in the States is making a full series out of it (filmed in Vancouver) and it may make its way onto Space or another local network (who knows? ;) )
  13. Billy Talent sucks pretty harsh, I agree totally Its like he is trying to sound hardcore saying "try honesty"....what the hell is that!?!
  14. does it matter? It was a good movie why ruin it with Matt Good tie-ins It was a very graphic movie, killing, blood, nudity (sick nasty nudity), and more killing
  15. You are a cruel man! It may be past its prime but its still genius compared to the crap TV of right now, and as TV spirals downward itll always be slightly better and thus last forever!
  16. Here is what i think of local radio: The fox (99.3): It rocks, best show in town Rock 101 : It rocks, in an old timey way Z95.3: The dieing beast, the "trendy" yesmen station ;) The Beat (94.5): Crap, rap and more crap Jack : The station for old folks who wish to feel young again Yes this is just to put a topic here :angry:
  17. for starters yes Family Guy is coming back next year on Fox (huzzah!) Next, yes reality TV (for the most part) sucks so bad it hurts, especially Americain Idol. It is like a forum for the attention whores, both those that suck, and those that have a shred of talent and want to get themselves 15 long minutes of fame... ;) its nasty
  18. Is it just me or does Emmo "music" make people want to gag? You could be listening to some terrific songs on an Altrock radio station and BAM!, all of the sudden you are forced to listen to some guy with a high pitched voice bitch about his feelings. Somehow this music got attached to the altrock genre. How? It is watered down wuss rock, which lends more importance to lyrics and singing than any kind of music. What you get is like a "badass" version of a boyband. Just look at the leading edge of this music: Coldplay. Here is a "band" of ageing british rockers who have mellowed out in there old age and sing about how they *feel*. This crap does not belong on altrock radio stations. Care to argue with me, I dare you.
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