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  1. wow that is some of the most ignorant shit i have ever written...and i mean SHIT....especially the theory of knowledge rant....guess what? the whole point of that class is to look at thinsg abstractly not to be an asshole....JESUS
  2. guilty on finding the pubes...not guilty on the sticking it to the wall.... ever find foreign pubes in a hotel bed?
  3. hehehe well not within the context of blatantly wrong pretenses....but i can suspend my belief long enough to read a comic though...good times
  4. so what do you think the political and social ramifications of fellatio?
  5. Boond


    eggnog is pretty good...
  6. steak was an option.... ;) ...i want that
  7. how the hell did i make that list?
  8. what if it was an invisible spacecraft who's cloak could be undone by a camera?
  9. are loin clothes acceptable....its a bit nippy outside
  10. not guilty....gah im such a pussy ever go streaking?
  11. i think the original comment was about anton not me.... but then again i am a nerd...
  12. your pirate entendre makes me sad....im sure you can do better
  13. go home you scrawny loser...if you dont ant to be cool and fat like everyone else.... kidding
  14. most hotdogs suck...except for that 10% delicousness group...but yougotta be retarded to make crappy hamburgers (yes macdonalds employees im calling you retarded)
  15. and the moral of the story is never crap again asit will kill you
  16. i have potential ;) no one has ever told me that before
  17. maybe....i get bored and watch documentairies....and one of them was on roswell....it was interesting and rife with heresy
  18. BINGO...yep its from WW2 pilots!
  19. rhetorical eh?....77? do i know what rhetorical means!?
  20. watch out they are giant cats...they could eat you
  21. as opposed to incredibly cheap ones
  22. lol katrian i should introduce you to some people actually from claifronia...
  23. you are a slackard...or canard....
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