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  1. lol i agree with sock hating...they are my pet peeve....the only time i wear socks is if i am wearing shoes (cause blisters suck) or when im in a fancy house that screams "where socks you slob or you will be shot"
  2. Boond

    100th Post

    heh, rookie congrats
  3. ouch...my condolensces and sympathies but if we look at the rule of averages or karma eventually your going to have the best thanksgiving ever to make up for all the crappy ones...maybe you will win the lottery or have your first born child enter the world then?
  4. i think we should change the name Near Fantastica to Meglomaniacs-R-Us
  5. you know that would be funny if it werent true...
  6. the kind im not invited to apparently
  7. well i nulled my vote...mostly cause i dont really care...that and the inherent pros and cons of nakedness and clothes Nakedness is pretty harsh comfortable...i mean no clothes chafing, no wedgies, no itchy wool...goodstuff...it is also a lot of fun in the right situations however clothes are warmer, give you protection, and make going outside less illegal....that and the fact that very few people want to see you strut around naked... but then again, to each his own, and if it feels good do it, just as long as you dont get mad when i look away while talking to you naked
  8. lol i was gonna say breakfast club too...even though it is a kinda unrealistic movie in some respects...but you can see glimmers of reality in there... honestly though if your looking for real life movies and TV shouldnt be your point of view
  9. ditto... the commercials anger me enough
  10. really?... and what about the kill bills...they were fun and made by disney....the production compnay thing (miramax?) is owned by disney
  11. my theory is why the hell choose?...i mean im not a devoted football fan (though my brother is) so i watch football quite a bit...and i catch most of the BC games and a few extras and have the TV essentialy locked on the NFL on sunday and monday nights.... and seriously the NFL players are at such a higher level then the cannadian...its really a shame i would also like to point out that i am suspicious that my brother has a man-crush on Paton (sp?) Manning, the QB of the Indianapolis Colts....
  12. lol...its a shame i only have VHS lest i do that...i should watch some aladin..
  13. heh these jeans have been worn for like a week ...mind you i only wear them while laying around the house between school and bed..
  14. am i no that clever, or not that cleaver?
  15. heh im guilty of the multiple day clothes...if im just sitting around the house its multiday wear for me (keep in mind i wear a uniform that gets changed daily while at school....)
  16. my signature is genious godamn it!!!
  17. point noted lol and i hate peas of all variety...i will literally sit there and pick them out of this homemade soup stuff my mother makes...
  18. I aint be need'n no learner to rob me a restarunt! it kinda sad these dummies are forced to resort to thievery...
  19. i know...gotta love the shrooms
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