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  1. if my memory is working properly it was something about football and it was to be shown in movie theaters in the USA...
  2. before you go and destroy disney i would like to point out Tron was made by disney....and Tron was an ingenious movie...even if you dont like the plot you must give a nod to the advance in movie special effects technology that was made by it
  3. i nulled my vote... star trek DS9 was genious and farscape was awesome....im aware of the muppets...but the fact all the aliens didnt look human helped.... before i get destroyed i havent watched enough SG1 to make a judgement....though the pyramid space ships make me sad... and though firefly wasnt terffically ingenious or anything it was fun to watch...i am saddned it is over and shouldnt dark angel be on there as it was good and sci-fi?
  4. lol...who walks when they have a choice? my elemntary school is adjacent to an older highschool which was put out of commision prior to my birth....however that school has often been a set...october sky was filmed in part there (i have seen that movie far too many times)...they also filmed a lot of XFiles there (my class was allowed to go and watch the filming)...my house is also near the old crane toilets warehouse which is now occaisonally used as a filme studio/warehouse deally....and one movie shot 7 or 8 years ago involed a good deal of pyrotechnics...and a car being blown apart on north road (a street very close to my home)....cool stuff
  5. i would like to file ALL vegetables under suck i would like to point out that mushrooms (the edigble non-drug variety) are divine....the best plant food hands down
  6. but if you jumped into an italian blackhole you might be spaghetti...or not
  7. hyper-liberal sounds like a commune.... we had to make a fake country/government (i wonder where that project ended up....) and we made a fake history with period of facism then communism...goodtimes
  8. yes...but with more humps and less soup
  9. maybe it all comes down to the person....some people sweat more then others, have worse BO then others, and work out and get into sweaty situations more often then others...i know on days i work out i shower more as i spend more time drenched in smelly sweat (i sweat a fair deal when i work out as i keep myself very hydrated)...anton though only moves to shuffle off to school....hence very low amounts of sweat, thus is showering often useless to him....its ALL related
  10. i havent...but i really should...and i want to...lol i dont even know my bloodtype....but then again my mother has a rare bloodtype and used to donate a lot...and there is a decent chance i have the same fluids so i really should look into it
  11. no...its evil and disturbing and wrong...and i have heard it so many times it makes my ears bleed...
  12. i feel sorry for those animals...
  13. wow...an orgy of danicng phallic fruit...
  14. its just there is all....and have you ever tried to mop with a penis....it fucking hurts it does1
  15. that is sickening ly disturbing....its like penis/fruit riding penis/lama
  16. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! this song is evil.... well working at a summer camp one of the staff sang this song about a thousand times.....it drove me INSANE....whats more, while mopping out a buliding the same person put the FUCKING song on REPEAT....it played 26 times.........i want to kill this song
  17. i do believe anton just provided exhibit B....its a shame i already rested my case
  18. showering everyday isnt overkill...its good hygiene goddamn it!
  19. thats enought o make a guy cry....like a movie.... (i brought it back on topic!)
  20. i remember the original ren and stimpy....good stuff....but they went and butchered that and now its just stupid and nasty
  21. i would like to note that despite antons predictions of me filling this thread with retarded comments that the bulk of the posting (and subsequently the stupidity) in this thread was generated by Anton and Katrina..... coincidence? i think not! ladies and gentlemen of the jury i rest my case!
  22. yeah im liking the songs too...dan passed them on....
  23. once a day usually....unless i go and get all sweaty, have a big break, then have to go get all sweaty again....then i shower a couple times
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