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  1. Again, like I have said, just wanted to show my graditute to Matt. Sorry to be such a pain.
  2. I never wanted my post to cause a problem. I am terribly sorry if I have ruin Matt's plans and if I drove him underground. Leave it an American to cause a problem.
  3. No, I am kidding...YES it is for real. I just want to show my graditude. I figured others would want to do the same. Now, I am trying to set up something so they can have a chance. Call me crazy. Call me anything. Just a dedicated fan.
  4. May I have everyone's attention please! Sadly, the it's true Matt is done with the blog, but we can still fight to for him to show we care. Please unite with me in bringing Matthew back. Let us make a petition or a website of our own, run by the fans for Matthew, so that he can post still and speak his mind freely. Yes, we cannot stop the negitive comments to him, but we can let him know we stand with him and we will defend him. United we stand for our views. Look, Matt has touched my life in so many ways and it made me cry to hear he left the site. I'm not giving up on it nor him. Neither should any of you. Please some aide me in my quest. If somehow we can help, let us. I don't know how to reach Matt in anyway but through the voices of the fans, and that is us. I'll try alone if I have to. Matt, if you happen to read this, I believe in you and will do my best to help bring back your blog or whatever you want. Everyone has a right to an opinion, why should yours be excluded? "If god he gave you a voice, then use it" But if that's what you really want to do, then I will still do all I can to defend you or show my respect. If anyone wants to help me. email me @ atdi_defacto17@hotmail.com Please don't give up. Thank you for taking the time to read this
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