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  1. I am a genius ;) The password is acoustic. Just got my tix. Sweet I am!
  2. I'm in for Ottawa (east end - Orleans) To stay with the album name/theme, how about "The Proctologists"? After all, isn't MG an asshole or something?
  3. I'd like to see the chords for Empty Road I've found the acoustic tabs for Hello Time Bomb easy and good to practice with, Can't Get Shot is good, and Annabelle is simply beautiful to play and sing to.
  4. Well, we all know the pink pills are for your sanity, but it's the blue and red pill we have to watch out for. Who wants to wake up?
  5. Destined for Failure Of course, I'm biased. May not send a real 'strong' message, but hey, fuckit.
  6. Anyone know where I can find the chords to this great tune?
  7. 1. Can't Get Shot 2. Agoraphobe 3. Black Helicopter 4. Dusk
  8. Met him in Ottawa during the Avalanche Tour. Got a pic, talked for a little bit. No attitude, just a real nice guy. Didn't shake hands because he was sick of being sick during that tour. He wished my wife well during her pregnancy. Class act. Knows the fans are important.
  9. "Vengence" By George Jonas True story about the man and his team of Mossad agents tasked to track down and kill those behind the '72 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Games. Good reading before you watch the movie based on the book, "Munich".
  10. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode, that would be cool. Oh, wait, been done. Harvest Moon by Neil Young (acoustic cover) Simple Man by Lynard Skynyrd
  11. Avalanche, bar none. Most complete album, symbolically signifies musical and physical departure from MGB, mature, emotional.
  12. Reznor wrote it because that dude's full of angst anyway. Cash sold it with his version on pure emotion, singing it as a retrospect on his life.
  13. Personally, that's a better reason for using it than just looking for something you already know about. Agreed. Can't listen to mainstream radio anymore, besides CBC. If I hear "Dirty Vegas" just one more time, I will drive pencils into my eardrums.
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