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  1. I've only heard a couple of demo tracks for this CD, but I'm always up for some new MG material. I'm also interested in hearing what, if any, production changes have on the album with it being an independent release compared to his previous label releases.
  2. Jay

    Demos List

    Thanks for that demo listing... I have many, many demos to try and find.
  3. The AWA On ESPN Classic. Fine episode, ending with a chaotic Stan Hansen-Curt Hennig match and featuring a Larry Zbysko promo with him going on about having "TWELVE GLORIOUS YEARS!" in wrestling.
  4. Jay

    New Demos

    I've enjoyed the demos up on the store, especially the Boy Who Could Explode. I'd love to hear the other ones at some point.
  5. I'm tempted to get this, as it would be a nice piece of MGB history to have.
  6. I've seen the UK Office, and I'd say that Michael Scott is the better manager, as he's shown to be at least competent at times, which wasn't the case for David Brent. I'm looking forward to the Pam/Jim dynamic this season, and I'm not too worried about the writers botching it.
  7. I'm about half an hour away from DC - I'm very tempted to go to this.
  8. Given that my birthday is in mid-to-late July, I'm digging the current June/July release date estimate.
  9. Jay

    Born Losers

    This is the first HM song I've streamed off of the site, and I like how fast-paced it is. Very re-listenable.
  10. Damn, I missed it on the site.
  11. I dig the cover. It's simple, but not too simple.
  12. It is truly surprising that traveling to web parties is somehow considered a job.
  13. The U.S. version of Beautiful Midnight was the first MGB album I listened to, then I got Audio of Being, the Canadian version of BM, and I eventually bought every MGB/MG CD available except for the individual B-side releases and Underdogs which I've yet to purchase. "Strange Days" made me a fan of Matt's work, and I saw it at the perfect time, as I'd just about given up all hope as a music video viewer until I watched it and was surprised to see a modern-day music video with a meaningful plot and message attached to it.
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