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  1. Need to sell my single ticket cause I can't make it tonight ;) Row 1, Dress Circle. [pending]
  2. am i the only one who would like The Boy Come Home as a single?
  3. i always wondered what car he drove now i know
  4. guys i can confirm it is "love is a strong word" played backwards i just played around with it in adobe audition sorta creeps me out liasw.mp3
  5. I love The Boy Come Home perfect road trip song
  6. hey guys you'll thank me later SAVE SAVE SAVE! modedit: please read the thread.
  7. TRACK LIST CONFIRMED - Champions Of Nothing - A Single Explosion - Metal Airplanes - 99% Of Us Is Failure - Born Losers - Odette - Black Helicopter - The Boy Come Home - The Devil's In Your Details - Moon Over Marin - Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird - I Am Not Safer Than A Bank - I'm A Window - She's In It For The Money - True Love Will Find You In The End I'm reserving my copy the day it's available I love the first minute in the demo!
  8. holy hot dang safer than a bank is friggin awesome if this is any indication of the next album, it should be one hell of an album any other demos?
  9. good book read it during classes some very quotable stuff in there
  10. gonna send him an email it will be awesome
  11. wouldn't it be completely ironic if by a "new sound" Matt completely changed his music so that every song on the album is of a popular nature and would get radio play every 5 minutes on any given radio station e.g. Matt became a pop star
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