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  1. Simple question, I guess, but not. Load Me Up line that goes, "Picture yourself at the MGM Grand. Murphy's fighting hokum, you're in the stands." What's the reference? I'm racking and racking my brains and coming up with nothing.
  2. Only thing I've been able to DL yet is the live Suburbia. I was thinking, "Yes! Live Suburbia!" but the quality's a little meh. Still sounds great, though.
  3. Don't think I haven't tried. EBay's got nada.
  4. For third world countries it definitely serves a purpose. For a country like the U.S. which funds 25% of its budget, it may not seem like such a fly idea.
  5. Because of geography and ineptness I didn't get into Matt until AoB came out. And I only own Avalanche-era shirts. The "Villain of the Year" shirt and the Avalanche tour shirt with the band in black and white on the front are all I've got. Any idea where I can get some MGB-era shirts?
  6. First song I heard was "Load Me Up." Didn't like it very much. But then I got into a mood where I NEEDED to listen to some new music because Blink 182 simply wasn't cutting it for me anymore. I downloaded (yes downloaded) a bunch of MGB tunes and thought they were cool enough, so I got the American Beautiful Midnight and didn't like it one bit. I put it to the side for a while and then came back to it one weekend I was going on some trip with school. Listened to it on the way up and fell in love with it (including Load Me Up) and I haven't looked back since.
  7. Pharazon


    Rich being gone now just depresses me. Whether or not he contributed a lot to the music doesn't matter to me, he was the man and a cool guy and representative of what I think was a better time in Matt's music (IE MGB). Now it's more like Bruce Springsteen after he ditched the E-Street Band and put a bunch of strangers up on stage with him rather than Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band.
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