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  1. I can't wait to hear Metal Airplanes on a new album (crosses fingers). I'm an addict for the YouTube videos of that song... as I said earlier, though - SOMEONE out there has gotta have the inside scoop, no? His barber? How about his nurse from his recent hospital stay? Nothing? Damn!
  2. I'm thinking he was listening to some Dylan...maybe a LOT of Dylan, in fact. Does that mean I like it or dislike it? I dunno...it's a good song, but I'll reserve all opinions and judgement regarding a new album...
  3. are you sure? I have a friend there who says it was on one of the stations....?....
  4. see, I have to say that Advertising on Police Cars is. Not a fan. At the same time, I don't know of anyone who really loved that song a particular amount...
  5. all this talk of WHAT is gonna be on it....does anyone have some inside info on "when"? C'mon, someone has to be his dog-groomer or barista or something...
  6. I'll trade you mine in exchange for a new kidney ;)
  7. I think it was either on CFOX or maybe on CBC Radio...i know those are two vastly different sources, but I still find it amazing how much new, interesting, and deserving stuff you can find on CBC at the oddest hours... Back when the Barenaked Ladies were "cool" (were they ever cool? you bet) and very new, I heard them on CBC before I ever heard them anywhere else...
  8. man, how long does it take people to get this concept? Yeah, sure I think "She's got a new Disguise" is a wicked song, but I'm not going to go looking for that orange in a bucket of apples.... Vermillion, if only for it's relative lack of Post-Cold War references compared to Radio Bomb.
  9. yeah, U2, Metallica, The Beatles and Beethoven, all SOOOO so so so overrated. F*ck them and their goddamned music. THey've all licked a** since that point in their careers where they got to be too popular for me to consider them cool, given that I'm the "Emir of Cool" (R.I.P. Emir of Kuwait - peace out brotha)
  10. my understanding was that she was only an occasional guest on SGA....
  11. Isn't BMS just some manifestos that were eventually collected into At Last THere Is Nothing Left to Say?
  12. Which is more "full of yourself"? To spend your honeymoon in a bed in a hotel in an effort at achieving world peace, or leaving the Beatles to start a shit-band like Wings? That's right. Everyone remember Wings? They sure as shit gave Paul a wake-up call...
  13. Dazed and Confused....I always found it soooo boring, despite everyone I know loving it
  14. I dunno man....I've got a plethora of MG posters, one which tops them all ;) sorry, i have to be smug about this. It's a huge one, something along the lines of 5'x6' of 6'x7' (never measured, but it's bloody huge), of the Audio of Being - I believe it was one of the record-store promo posters, and it's just awesome. Then it has it's lesser counsins and some photographs on the man himself surrounding it. Hehe. I love my wall of Good. If only I had the technology to show it here...stupid lack of technology...if Steve Austin came to me, I could NOT rebuild him....
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