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  1. Jamie Cullum has a whole bunch of cool covers on his albums, Twentysomething & Catching Tales. If you liked that, you should check 'em out. Occasionally when I'm bored, I'll go to hypemachine and randomly search for covers, and I have just about 100, ranging from awesome to hilarious to meh.
  2. .How can a movie with such an awesome title look so horrid?
  3. This has got to be some sort of karma... I rickrolled a friend not even an hour ago. Cuuuuuurse yoooouuuuuu!!!
  4. I saw Jason Collett & Peter Elkas a few nights back and picked up both Here's To Being Here (Collett) and Wall Of Fire (Elkas).
  5. I got tickets right at 10, and they were row 12, left section.
  6. I question the wording of the promo picture. I wonder how many people are going to see this and say something like "OMG, Matthew Good Band???" Though I would not be surprised if that was, for some reason, intentional...
  7. But I bought this computer, and now I deserve every song for free! ;)
  8. Argh! I missed it again! If someone would be able to send it my way I would be eternally grateful... Or at least for an hour. ;)
  9. I went on quite the spree a few days ago and got: You Forgot It In People by Broken Social Scene Slick Dogs and Ponies by Louis XIV Random Spirit Lover by Sunset Rubdown Panic When You Find It by Young & Sexy Bedlam In Goliath by The Mars Volta Hemina by Sigur R
  10. gala_pope

    Bad Pennies

    I completely agree. In the past, he's always thrown up a series of (no pun intended) smoke and mirrors to... maybe not mask what he's trying to say, but make it slightly more ambiguous. Ten years ago you would have never heard a song as blunt as She's In It For The Money. Again, not that that's a bad thing. He's just getting older, as a person and a musician. I don't think his boldness or bluntness is a sign of weaker writing, I think it's just a sign of his head space now.
  11. gala_pope

    Bad Pennies

    Dammit, I missed it again! If anyone was able to rip it and would be able to send me a copy, that would be super...! (I have the other demos to trade, if need be)
  12. Four new demos? I've got The Boy That Could Explode, Fought To Fight It and Volcano... what is the one I'm missing?
  13. Wow, that was pretty awesome. I'm really digging it. And, for a moment, I was sort of hoping it would be a cover of the Damien Rice song.
  14. Drat, I must've missed it... Anyone able to float a copy of it my way, please?
  15. gala_pope

    New Song

    In his most recent blog entry, Matt talks about the ease of recording on a Mac, and provides an example of something made quick and easy.
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