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  1. Man, the videos of these shows really make me want to grab my passport and come up there and see him. So good. I worked a bunch of overtime last week, so I might actually have the money to swing it. If i am able to get a day(or days) off which venue is better the one in London, ON or Hamilton,ON? Anybody in these areas have a couch a buddy and I could crash on for a night? I would gladly return the favor if any wanted to visit St. Louis, MO.
  2. I have listened through three times and the first four songs are amazing interpretations of the originals. In the long run I may end up liking them more than the originals, which is something I thought I would never say about Suburbia in particular. However, for me, Load Me Up misses the mark completely and almost seems out of place on the EP.
  3. Curious what you all think about the album now that you've had some time to soak it in. For me there are only to bad songs on this album Cast-a-net and I deleted you. Beyond that I'd say there are no great songs on the album, but everything besides the two mentioned a good songs.
  4. new stuff on www.myspace.com/ryandahle including what i what assume to be the final version of agoraphobe
  5. ...since i was your man is about the only song i ever skip
  6. moon over marin is great, true love will find you in the end on the other hand... although it is a great title for a song right after she's in it for the money to bad it couldn't have been something orignal
  7. dale also did an itunes celebrity playlist and said mgb/mg was his favorite band/artist
  8. AOB Avalanche Loser Anthems BM WLRRR Lo Fi Underdogs LOTGA Raygun
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Matthew-Good-Band-CD-S...1QQcmdZViewItem thinking about getting it...
  10. seems like the song could be transoformed a bit to be used with keys instead of the orchestra, not the same effect, but would still be a neat sound
  11. i saw hello timebomb on nhl cool shots and then i hopped on napster and downloaded some stuff and then went and bought beautiful midnight
  12. no doubt try singing that shit, it hurts your throat so bad it brings tears to your eyes
  13. 1)Sort of a Protest Song 2)Everything is Automatic 3)Apparitions 4)Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production
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