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  1. They broke up I believe a month after the release of the Audio fo Being. However, they were having problems before that, primarily during recording of the record. People did get to see someof the songs preformed live, as MGB went on tour prior to the release of the album (I believe it was during the summer). I know one song that they played for sure was "Under The Influence", other than that, I'm not sure what else they played. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Maybe you should get there 10 hours before!!!
  3. Scary thing is, someone actually paid that much
  4. Matt's version is too whiny.
  5. WOW..Alert Status Red sucks acoustic
  6. He put up a message on his blog that he had to sort through some techinical things on his website, thats why the blog is down.
  7. Thank God Toronto's show is 19+
  8. So umm, he said he update his page with a Toronto date. I hope he doesnt think Oakville is Toronto lol
  9. Don't panic kids, there are other dates to be announced!!!!!
  10. I'd really think about whether I want a Matthew Good lyric tattooed on my body forever...
  11. Peter Griffin

    Face Off

    The War is Over Workers sing a song of mass production
  12. A lot of what MGB did was cause of Dave Genn. So yes he's talented.
  13. umm its a sound clip, hence why he gives credit to using a clip from the movie
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