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  1. That last post is a parting shot if I ever saw one.
  2. I think unless you were there, with the sweat and grit and leather jackets with spikes all over them you can't really have an idea. It's probably hard for kids today to tell the difference between 'fasion punks' and a real punk band. while waiting for my soup at lunch I hear a Lou Reed song on the radio . . the fellow is 30 and didn't recognize it. (I caught the 'punk wave' the second time around, during the 80's . . . it was still pretty hard core though. Here in Van it was GREAT, the New York Theatre at the bottom of Commercial used to play all-ages shows all the time. then serve beer. Ah, the old days)
  3. For me as well, live shows bring a spark that doesn't happen with recorded music. I think the difference now is that we old folks traded music in person; listening parties was a big way to hear new records and decide if you would buy it. Now people browse songs in solitude. So I *think* in the end the music doesn't have as much impact on life. For now it's pretty hard to find good new music you can really get into.
  4. oh ok, haha! i wasn't sure if you were doing that over-the-top internet sarcasm thing. ;) Yeah Ray Condo was awesome. We used to go see them all the time; actually that's what finally convinced my friend to come all the way up to UBC to see some unknown band. (is it weird that I remember it clearly and you don't at all?? :angry: )
  5. Was that where you played the record stores? I was at the . . . whatever it's called on W. Broadway, at Pine. I don't even know if it's there anymore. Geoff do you remember playing the Pitt Pub at UBC, way waaaay back in the beginning? It was a Wednesday night, I had a class and convinced a friend to come meet me after. Alabama and Symbolistic were on the radio. Ray Condo opened, remember those guys? That room is so awkward for a band to play. People warmed up after a while; I guess Matt wanted to keep going, he just turned his back on the manager trying to wave him down and kept playing for an extra half hour! news: this morning on my way back home because there was a power failure at work, I saw a poster for a DSK ! show. How is that possible? I thought Blair moved to Toronto. Who's in that band now? -Keta
  6. that was so funny that clip . . .he had the bleached shaved hair at the time. FREAK!!
  7. Oh yeah? that sounds cool. I saw them one time, it was Music West. I actually came to see Rusty (yum!). That year Music Waste was like 'challenging' Music West or whatever, and were holding a renegade punk gig on the other side of the Art Gallery.
  8. Mollies Revenge .. .. was that the band with the girl on Cello? and the lead singer was a tall blonde (I think she had a mohawk at one point?) yeah they sure slipped off the radar completely.
  9. haha, I have one of those too! I'm letting hints drop on small doses . .. planning for an exit by February. ooooOOOOOOoooo it's going to feel good :angry: -Keta
  10. Hey folks, I've opened another CafePress store, this time with my hand-drawn ink work of ornaments and illuminated manuscripts from the Bible and the Book of Kells. Check it out for yourself, or your friends at Christmas! (Cafepress will deliver directly to them) Celtic Art Work My eagle photo store is still open too Wild Bald Eagles Check it out! -Keta
  11. Good baby! Nice to see you're still kicking ass all over the internet. (check my site and blog for details of what I've been up to) PS: tell Matt to hang some panels from his ceiling; it's because his place is big, open and empty, that it's loud. And plants. Wonderful sound absorbers.
  12. if Sagar is a newbie, then you, my friend, have yet to be born
  13. ahh, the good ol' days. i wonder what happened to ty ;) why, what happened Sagar?
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