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  1. This would be amazing. This would ACTUALLY be my everything. Holy moly.
  2. jjazz

    RIP Marcella

    Very sad. I hope she's found her peace. She sounded like a great person.
  3. So... Musicvaultz got back to me a few days ago and said they'd ship me out the avalanche white vinyl since they accidentally sent me the black. Didn't have to pay for shipping which was nice. It came quick, got it in the mail yesterday. Didn't want to open it seeing as I already have the black one, and the white one is probably a limited run, but my curiosity just got the best of me. I opened it up and low and behold, it's the black vinyl again. I can't complain. Now I have 2 copies of a record I've wanted to own for years. And I'll be emailing musicvaultz again, so maybe someday soon I'll have the trifecta of black vinyl avalanche, or maybe they'll surprise me and send me the right one. Having said all that, I will say musicvaultz has been pretty good in at least trying to resolve the issue. They're not giving me a tough time about anything, and all the orders have been delivered really fast. I know others weren't in the same boat as me though.
  4. Yup, I got the same email today!
  5. That's absolute garbage because the only reason I ordered mine off musicvaultz was actually because of your post saying they didnt charge for shipping. And keep in mind this after the fact of you posting that, so I received mine on Tuesday afternoon no questions asked. So yeah. Take that as you may. I know I'm in Ontario but still. If you haven't recieved it by now, that's messed up. I emailed them about the white vinyl issue and still no reply back. But I bet you they might be dealing with a lot of blowback from others so cooler heads prevail.
  6. Got mine yesterday, listened to all but avalanche, and they sound fantastic. Lofi/loser anthems as the most enjoyable I found. Opened avalanche to check out the artwork and they shipped the black vinyl instead of the white, which was advertised. So I'll be following up with musicvaultz.
  7. Just acquired a promo copy of Underdogs today! Signed by matt. Tried to upload pics but of course I've never had much luck uploading media here.
  8. It says that avalanche is on backorder on the official store. Also, the loser anthems bsides artwork is up there now. It's what I expected. Loser anthems on the front, bsides on the back, but with reworked MGB font type.
  9. Confirmed from a friend who works at sunrise, they've gotten them in. So these should be shipping on time with no production delays.
  10. Hahahaha that's awesome.
  11. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    Terrible terrible terrible. The love and support is pouring in on Twitter which is great, but most importantly I really hope he rests up and takes the time that he needs to recover. We're all here rooting for you Matt, hopefully you pull through and get home to your family as quick as you can.
  12. That podcast episode is some of the funniest banter I've ever heard. I can't seem to track it down. I've even asked Jeremy a few times. Never had any luck.
  13. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    Still reeling from last night. Woke up in the middle of the night with a massive Charlie horse in my leg, so that's usually the indicator of how you know the concert was really good. Honestly, it was easily one of the top 10 shows I've ever been to in my life. It's right up there. The crowd was absolutely incredible. Probably the best crowd I've ever been a part of at Massey Hall, maybe even topping Pixies, National, and Sam Roberts. First time seeing OLP and they didn't disappoint. Raine takes a lot of flack for his vocals, but man he was sharp tonight. Absolutely on point. Great set, great sound, and I have to say it was more enjoyable than Matt's set, but that's probably because the mystique is not always there since I've seen so many shows of his... Matt and the band were tight tonight, though. Everyone is really great spirits, Blake's backup vocals sounded amazing and really add a lot of colour to the songs. Strange Days acoustic at the beginning was terrific. Great way to start the night, and he sounded amazing as usual. Something like a storm was really really powerful. It translates so well in a live setting, I hope it becomes a staple in sets to come. For the first half of the second verse, (hold on as if a chain that we've made against the waves) Matt belts out and yells it which was so cool. No real surprises in the set tonight, I wonder if Alert status red was played yet this tour, I'll have to check. No encore either. They just powered through everything probably due to Massey Hall's union restrictions and overtime expenses. The crowd was totally into it too, and even though we mostly got a lot of hits, it was welcomed in this environment when you add in the nostalgia factor for so many people there. OLP did the group HTB again for the encore, and it absolutely killed. Not a single person sitting down, everybody singing along to every lyric. I've heard that song get played 100 times and it gets old super quick, but not tonight. Actually not really any night. It always gets the audience engaged and I love seeing that at a MG show. I'd trade it for a deep cut any day, but I really understand how money that song is. Anyways, great night. Went and had beers with our seat neighbours afterwards and just talked about the show for a few hours. Never would have imagined that happening, but this show seriously brought people together. You could tell just from everybody going down the stairs trying to leave Massey Hall. Everyone was just chatting with everyone, high fiving, lots of "holy fuck that was fucking amazing" all throughout the place. Trying to get tickets for the rebel show tonight but they're sold out. I shouldn't have waited so long. I knew I'd end up wanting to go to both!
  14. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    Toronto night one. I THINK this is right. Also, it was awesome. Something like a storm? Absolutely amazing. Strange days acoustic solo Storm Alert Xrated Born losers Decades Machine gun Load me up Apparitions Weapon Bullets
  15. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    That is great! Has anyone seen SLAS floating around? I'm most looking forward to seeing how that pans out live.
  16. Aww, right on. Well for what it's worth I'm sorry I made you spend more bday money than you had to.
  17. Dammit, Chad! I knew I lost that eBay war to someone deserving!
  18. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    Man, can't believe I missed that. Should be awesome, have fun everyone!
  19. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    When the hell were we supposed to sign up for this??
  20. When a Taylor Swift lyric video can get 96 million views over 4 months, it's pretty easy to see why labels do it. In the grand scheme of things, they cost next to nothing to make, and they're just as effective as a traditional music video. I would argue possibly more effective given the attention span of today's demographic. Always loved Matt's music videos because I generally enjoy his social commentaries on videos to begin with, but I have to say I never really missed the departure of music videos in the last 10-15 years. I think as the trend began to die, my interest in them was also fleeting. Flash forward to present day, the way music is consumed now, videos just don't really have a place in the landscape anymore. It's still a cool tool to have in your arsenal and I'll never discourage diving into arts of any kind, but when you take a step back and look at it, combining a song with a random one off short film of sorts never really fit naturally even at its pinnacle. It was just a way to promote an album and a song because radio had started to die. Come to think about it now, you'd think that the evolution kind of happened backwards. In a world where things gradually progress, you'd think that lyric videos would have been the first thing introduced during the music video era and maybe THEN you'd start to dive into the short story aspect, no?
  21. I think it was "Kept in the dark." or something. And I think it was along the spine of the black, grey, and white versions.
  22. jjazz

    Tour: 2018

    Indie88 just posted a link to Collective Arts brew festival in Hamilton. They use a pic from a Matt Good show, but it's kind of a generic photo, so who knows.
  23. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback! Maybe one day soon I'll have a fuller version for you all!
  24. Hey everyone. I have a Samsung phone, and they just released a garagebandish app recently. I've been messing around with it, and I decided to try recording a little piece from Harridan. Mainly the bridge and the outro. Its easily my favourite part of the song and moment on the album. It's my go to whenever I'm noodling around and I figured i play along to the record enough that I could try my hand at an instrumental version minus the guitar. So here's what I've come up with so far. I recorded this all in a couple minutes before my wife came home from work, so it's a little rough, and there are some mistakes. But I figured maybe you guys would enjoy hearing it. It borrows from the vibe of the live versions a bit more than the record version in my opinion. I would totally welcome any feedback or comments too! The main guitar and bass are recorded by me direct out of an amp, the rest is just me trying to lay down some of the foundation with the in app instruments. I feel Matt's pain when he demos any drums. I tried my best :P PS I have no idea if this is even gonna let me post it here, so here's knocking on wood. It was also supposed to read "rough" bot "roigh". Oh well. Audio 001.wav
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