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  1. Kelowna was really good last night.  Didn't get much for banter or movin' around, but the voice was on point as were the rest of the guys.  Impressed with the choice to start things off with Apparitions solo - wakes up in the Edmonton hospital, flies out to BC on oxygen, hides behind nobody!  Way to go Matt.


    Apparitions (solo acoustic)

    Something Like a Storm

    Load Me Up

    A Boy & His Machine Gun

    Men at the Door

    Strange Days

    Born Losers



    HTB in the encore

  2. Just finished up in Kelowna.  I wrote a review in the other thread the night of the Victoria show stating that the band put in an awesome effort, but that the mix in the venue was terrible which kind of mucked up that show for me.  Felt kind of bad writing that the opening night of the tour, but it was what it was.  I also said odds are the mix would be better at other venues.


    I just want to say that the sound in Kelowna was absolutely fantastic tonight.  Shout out to Matt's sound guys for getting the sound so, so right, wearing "MG's Still a Real Asshole" apparel from head to toe, and rocking out like it was opening night.  Matt's vocals were distinct, and all the other instruments were also just where they needed to be.  The crowd stood from HTB onwards and the band was incredibly tight tonight, having fun, trying hard, making all the BM songs sound better than ever.  Not that I was counting, but seriously I could not find a single note that was off tonight.  This was actually verified when a chick possibly on something interrupted Matt to tell him "you sound exactly like you do on the record... and i appreciate that."  Write a Yelp! review, quips Matt.  This really is such an awesome touring record though, and she was right they did nail it.


    I've seen I think 16 of Matt's shows now, starting from Avalanche.  The vast majority have been fantastic band and vocal performances, one or two maybe not-the-best for various reasons, Victoria really, really not great sonically due to the venue... and then this one.  Thought about it on the drive home and tonight's show was the best live show I've ever seen Matt and the band put on, straight up.  BM is just such a perfect setlist on its own, showcased tonight in a fantastic sounding sold out venue, with Matt really giving a damn on the vocals and the band at the finely tuned stage of the tour, nailing all the details, MG shouting out to Kelowna's mayor who is apparently his bro, just the right amount of tequila and bourbon, stories of Nyquil through the mountains, finally ranting on Trump, the BM deeper cuts executed passionately, vocals in the lobby, an unusually inspired Kelowna crowd, and some more nostalgia for the encore too (Single Explosion, Born Losers, Apparitions, Weapon), or "a passage from 2007, to 2007, to 1996, to 2003," as Matt says.


    Nothing else to say really except - thanks Matt and the band for such a great effort tonight!  With Craig Stickland as a truly impressive solo opening act, this tour is a remarkable value.  Tonight's show erases Victoria completely for me.  Looking forward to following along the rest of the tour here on the forum.  Don't miss it in person.

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  3. Just finished the show in Vic. Set list as expected, obviously, and the band was super tight throughout it. IMO the highlights were FTRT, Jenni's, LGIO. 4 song encore - BL, New Song, Apparitions, then Weapon brought the house down. Good banter throughout and it really seemed like MG was enjoying the format.


    We were sitting in the upper level and despite the band's fantastic effort I can't help but be honest that the mix, at least from where we were situated, was the worst I have ever experienced at an MG show, and I've seen about 15. Matt's vocals were completely drowned out by the drums and guitar for most of the show, from Giant through to the encore. Suburbia was completely ruined for me. Wondering if anyone else noticed issues or were the vocals fine sitting at ground level? Regardless of my critique, the crowd sure enjoyed it.


    Don't get me wrong - this was an awesome effort and odds are the mix will be better at other venues. Just wanted to to be honest in my review of this one in particular and also wondering if it was just me...?

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  4. Fantastic show in Kelowna last night.  Awesome venue, perfect weather, great sound and delicious wine.  Looking around me before the show I was curious about the setlist considering the demographic of the night...  See below, the longtime-fan-friendly, lengthy list was on point and still had everyone's attention, despite all the wine consumption (including Matt's!).  He was in good spirits all night - delighting us with witty quips and the odd tale from the MGB days.


    Standouts to me were Omissions, How It Goes, Tripoli, Fake Empire.


    Metal Airplanes
    Strange Days
    So Long Mrs Smith
    White We Were Hunting Rabbits
    Omissions of the Omen
    All Yours Sons and Daughters
    Boy Down the Well
    Load Me Up

    Alert Status Red
    How It Goes
    Born Losers
    Silent Army in the Trees
    Sort of a Protest Song
    Fake Empire
    The Fine Art of Falling Apart
    Prime Time Deliverance
    Advertising on Police Cars
    Symbolistic White Walls
    True Love Will Find You

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  5. Fantastic show at the Kelowna Community Theatre tonight.  Tight performance of a sweet setlist.  Order could be a touch off:




    Single Spark

    Born Losers




    Cold Water

    Alert Status

    Boy Down


    Los Alamos





    Time Bomb


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  6. I think we all know Matt isn't exactly an outspoken advocate for drugs, but c'mon, one of his biggest hits, LMU... lyrics are open to interpretation but to me, and likely most casual listeners, that's a clear drug reference, and an important song career wise for Matt, like Daniel's song. And then there's the songs about the pills, maybe not glorification so much, but I think both Matt and Daniel are just speaking honestly about drugs, good or bad... All the great bands have touched on drugs at some point in time - and when you get right down to it "ganja" is pretty close to the lesser of all evils to sing about.


    Just because people you associate with maybe don't use the term ganja doesn't make it cheap or generic in reality, just to you. The term is used all over the world, and its not owned by Jamaicans, its an Indian term. I can understand the association that Jamaicans use it often, and I'm sure they do, but that doesn't mean Daniel shouldn't. Giving it another name, say Odette, wouldn't truly make his song any more "artistic," in my eyes either - just a "cheap" personification of a drug to sing about.


    I guess neither of us should speculate on what Matt would or wouldn't have done, but the facts are that second hand cigarette smoke is just as harmful, if not more, than second hand "ganja" smoke. If he has a problem with people smoking up at his shows, then logically/rationally he should be concerned with people unwillingly inhaling second hand cigarette smoke, and given that Matt seems to be a reasonable dude, I'd like to think he'd speak up for the non-smokers in that case too.

  7. It's funny that some of their songs reference weed, and during the London show, Matt was calling out someone in the audience for smoking it during his set.


    Pretty sure Matt, who smokes cigarettes, would have had the same reaction to somebody lighting up a Player's during his set - equally rude to do in a small theatre. Had these people been courteous enough to smoke whatever they wanted prior to the show, a reasonable person would be indifferent, so long as they dont act like idiots in the venue - its not the substance, its the rude act of doing it in a highly occupied space.


    What do you guys think Matt meant by "cause I was dimed"... Not sure how uglyredhonda can fault the opener, or go so far as to say "unless you're jamaican," when the headliner has referenced drugs in many of his past songs. The audience at my show loved that tune.

  8. Setlist from Calgary Night 2, order of songs may not be entirely correct.


    While We Were Hunting Rabbits

    Lights of Endangered Species

    Boy Who Could Explode

    Shallows Low

    What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred

    Born Losers

    Zero Orchestra

    X Rated

    Load Me Up

    Hello Time Bomb

    Non Polulus








    Set Me On Fire

  9. I was at the Kelowna show. I've seen Matt many times and the quality of this show was relatively average. Nothing creative really, no new songs... just rehashing, getting paid I guess. He flubbed the lyrics completely during ASR at which point somebody from the audience actually came on to the stage to jog his memory after he had stopped the song. Not a whole lot of banter throughout the show. He seemed a little out of it at times to be honest. Drummer and guitarist were great, bassist was lame as usual. Pretty good crowd for an auditorium show. The opening band Elias was pretty good. Setlist, not in order: (big let down of an encore considering the crowd energy heading into it. he needs to read the crowd and resist the temptation for an 8 minute ballad when everyone is dying for EIA, Giant, Last Parade, etc. whatever - "he'll play what he wants to play." ya, i get it, but you all know its true).


    Boy Who Could Explode


    I'm A Window

    Fought to Fight It

    It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man

    Alert Status Red

    Champions of Nothing

    Single Explosion

    Born Losers




    Blue Skies Over Badlands

    Silent Army in the Trees

  10. I was underwhelemed by last night's show in Saskatoon. I'd seen Matt many times before, and this one was the least exciting. I also felt a little ripped off when he quit after FTFI. Too many singles, setlist was shorter than most of the other shows, and he underperformed on many of the key vocal moments. I will say that it did at least look like he was trying, so maybe he's feeling ill?


    I understand its a bit of a point of contention these days, but I've gotta admit I'm one of those MG fans that think these setlists are... lacking. LMU, Apparitions, & HTB... that's weak. I looked around and people don't even appear that pumped about them anymore. Waste of time. Play some tracks for the fans that have been around forever, or at least more Vancouver. Banter was witty and plentiful at the beginning, then it totally dropped off, but only after he had tried. It was understandable that he had to quit as there were too many idiots yelling "Go Riders!" or "Play <random MG tune>" over and over. Still, he didn't even introduce the band.


    Idunno, the sound quality was great, Stu was AMAZING, the drummer was also fantastic, the bassist showed no emotion/interest... Overall it had the potential to be a great show, but these setlists choices could be alot stronger. Just my opinion.

  11. Rich seems like a nice guy, but I wonder what creative influence he actually has on the music. Probably very little, so if that is the case then losing him shouldn't be a big deal.

  12. Some of us (not all of us, but some) don't care for labels like "has-been."


    Technically, i used said labels because they were a part of my question. I was trying get at what it was like to be a has-been.


    And really, don't bring up MuchMusic when you're talking about music and expect to be taken seriously. They are less relevant and substantial (when you step back and evaluate the quality of their programming and messages) than ever.


    I completely agree. Alot of MuchMusic's programming is pure crap. But one could argue that even they are clever enough to stay away from MG's downward spiral. ;)


    I think my point is that if your going to be negative, you have to expect a portion of THIS community to react in the way you have been seeing.


    This is pretty much the reaction I anticipated.


    It seems more that you've just got a problem and are trying to vent it out on some random people over the internet.


    I don't really have a problem in particular. I'm not sure why you're catching that drift, because I've kept my composure pretty much the whole time.


    I originally started this thread to get some questions off of the fans. I did. I also requested that these questions be positive and unoffensive. May I also note that we ended our request for more questions a few pages back. But you didn't really ask any questions, you just slagged our board and community.


    I did so ask questions. Just because you don't like them doesn't make them any less valid. Because the first few pages of this thread were painful to read, I skipped the rest and wrote my post. I didn't know the Q&A session was over. My apologies for that.

  13. Fact: Matthew Good's career is not nearly as prosporous as it was during the BM days.


    BM has sold approximately 250,000 copies.

    WLRRR has sold about 1/10th of that.


    Furthermore, his last single, Its Been Awhile Since I've Been Your Man, was played a grand total of twice on MuchMoreMusic. Remember when HTB and LMU were played to the max on MuchMusic? He's come a long way since winning those MMVAs back in 2000...


    I believe that releasing a greatest hits album is a sign that Universal is trying to make one last buck off him before tossing him to the side. Because he's including some solo material on the album it looks like he's using the MGB name (which, unlike MG's, is still pretty solid) to pimp his solo work.


    He's a has-been.


    Callin MG a has-been is about as close as I've come to slagging the man personally. And to call him that is true. If you guys don't want to admit that, then I guess that's your problem.


    If you don't like him anymore and don't care about what he thinks, then why bother asking the questions unless you yourself actually do care about his opinions?


    He's a good guy, for the mostpart. I didn't say I didn't like him as a person, only that his music has gone downhill.


    Why bother to even post on a message board dedicated to him? Why not just do your own thing and forget about him? Why not go elsewhere?


    So because I don't worship the ground he walks on, I shouldn't post here?


    His opinion must still carry some weight with you or else you wouldn't even bother asking. So why play this game?


    Of course his opinion carries weight. He was once a pretty big musician, he has lots of experience in a variety of things, so why not ask? I'll be the first to admit that I will read the 40 questions once their posted.


    Lurkers can't have opinions. When you've posted a bit more your opinion may actually have some validity. But for now, if you don't like it then don't post/come here.


    Where do I start. Most of my first post was factual. Parts of it may sound opinionated, but it was all more or less based of facts that you will or will not accept. Calling me a lurker is also unfair. I rarely read this board. This thread was brought to my attention by somebody, so I read it. Having done so, and from browing a few other threads, I've got the impression that many of the people on this board do not post as well as people I've seen in the past, and I've been around awhile. Having your leader state that "lurkers can't have opinions" is bizarre. Is this because we may not agree with what you have to say? Are you afraid that someday a lurker will bring up some valid points that you'll only be able to refute by downplaying his credibility?


    So what if I want to shake things up and shed some light on some of the things this communities shoves under the carpet? If you want to call me negative for doing so, then fine. It's not me who needs to give his head a shake.

  14. Dear Matthew Good:


    1) Is it embarassing for you to have a board like this one devoted to you? I ask this because in the past, when you were a somebody, there have been some quality communities dedicated to you. These communities contained a decent percentage of intelligent people. Having a group of rational beings interested in you must have been a great ego boost. Most of these quality boards have dropped your name and have long since moved on, while this one remains as a hangout for fanboys and girls that will love you no matter what you do. Do you believe that you have driven away most of what was your educated audience and all that remains are those that are too naive to realize that you're a has-been?


    2) Is it a more than a coincidence that said boards (the good ones affiliated with you) existed almost exclusively before your solo "career"? After you ruined MGB the quality of your music made a turn for the worse This suggests to me that, although you have publically come down on them, Dave Genn and Ian Brown were major factors in your music. With them no longer around, and upon listening to WLRRR (and to a lesser extent, Avalanche) it is clear that you will never again produce like you did before. Do you agree?


    3) Do you remember when the quality communities would have similar Q&A sessions like this one? Many of those questions were both relevant and intelligent. Are you bothered that what remains of your fanbase are interested in things like:


    "Would your wiener dogs like to meet my wiener dog?"

    "Why do you rent an apartment instead of buying a house or condo?"

    "Do you have any specific plans for the future between you and Jenny?"

    "Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? What animal was the year you were born in?"

    "What kind of beer do you drink?"


    And so on.


    4) I could be mistaken, but I'm sure early on in your career you would have denounced the possibility of ever making a "greatest hits album." Why then are you releasing one? Could it be that, at the time, you never imagined that you would make so many bad decisions in a row that would ultimately result in the end of your career? Once, you mentioned that if it ever did happen, it would be full of songs like Invasion 1 for the "hardcore" fans. Will the upcoming greatest hits album actually be full of MGB non-singles or do you plan on rereleasing all your singles along with some garbage solo material?


    That's all for now.


    Thanks, NearFantastica, for granting me the opportunity to ask the questions that I ponder day and night. It's a terrible feeling to have all these unknowns in my life. I'm sure most of you know the feeling.


    Take care.

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