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  1. Just got my order from Matt's Official store (store-08). I ordered LA/Lofi, AoB and of course - white Avalanche. But guess what was shipped - even though on the shrink wrap there was a designated white label - I received a black pressing. I've shot off an email to them, we'll see where that goes. Hopefully it gets resolved and we don't all end up with 2 or 3 copies of Avalanche - though I don't think thats a bad thing =P
  2. tino


    Ill be there. Sec OR3L Row K 41 & 43 Expecting great things ;) !!!
  3. tell me you love me later [hide_me] Download (Megaupload) [/hide_me] **mod edit (hide from google bot)**
  4. tino

    Hamilton Show...

    Where was everyone seated? My friend and I were at Row K Seats 25&27. Joe was in Row M Seat 38.
  5. tino

    Hamilton Show...

    "APPARATIONS!!!" STFU! that was my only beef for the entire show. hopefully he was pistol whipped after, one can only hope. i loved the show. matt was simply amazing. i brought my best friend along with me (due to my g/f having to bail due to illness), it was not only his first matt good concert, but his very FIRST concert. let me tell you, he left the show with the biggest grin in the world. he is now in love with matt good. my cd collection is being raided by him. when i told him about the show he was very wary of what was going down, but wanted to escape from his house regardless. matt did not disappoint him. though matt kept his mouth zipped for the better part of the show (pre-99% banter aside) coming back for the encore and explaining to the crowd of his late awakening and down self was a refresh with the crowd. his story of snow in british columbia put the crowd in an uproar (i personally enjoyed his mention of how he teamed up with his brother complaining about getting some mcdonalds.) the encore was amazing, fated and fine art blew me away. leaving me in a high spirit in knowing that i had just witnessed a show that i will keep close to me for years to come. thank you matthew for an excellent show. oh and carry spare batteries =P hamilton shot is going to be the best one. (i was the jackass who shouted "get him some batteries", sorry if anyone was pissed lolz) amazing show, thanks again matthew!
  6. Who's going to the Hamilton show? Hopefully it turns out as good as the Toronto show. Can't wait!
  7. Champions of Nothing FTW!!!!1111ONE!!! lolz
  8. So can anyone post directions how to get to the cage? I've tried the schools website and there's nothing there. Also is it restricted to students only or can general public attend?
  9. The Weakerthans - Confessions Of A Futon Revolutionist
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