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  1. Don't have a TV, so never really watched it there, but borrowed all seasons on DVD from a friend, watched all 4 season in span of 3 days. Watched season 3 and 4 back to back. A bit painful (sitting for that long). But a very addicting show.
  2. Just curious, but do you know what the gulag is/was. Cuz I'm hard pressed to figure out what the gulag has to do with stuff like this. Thanks.
  3. This is a matter that I think about a great deal, as my parents as well as one of my step parents, and a few of my friends are nurses. While I firmly believe that health care should be free for everyone, I also think that it is getting to the point where we have to realize that the Canadian health care system is incredibly broken. In terms of nurses, while compensation is important, by far the largest reason for leaving is the deplorable conditions that nurses are forced to work in. The task list of nurses in Canada is ever expanding, and the new duties are often ones that have nothin
  4. Bah, why do people always have to make up wild ideas of nano-robots. Nanotech (a stupid term anyways, most "nano" tech stuff is really on the scale of a micron) is just a buzz word. I mean, really, what is chemistry, 90% of chemistry is "nano" technology. Basically, what I'm saying is why do people have to come up with wild and crazy ideas (that are not feasible) to make something as inherently interesting as nanoscale fabrication and self-assembly more interesting. I look at stuff like carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, quantum rings, single electron transistors, nano-mechanical oscillato
  5. Change of season is my favorite song of the album if I listen to it beginning to end. PTD is a top 5 overall tho.
  6. Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when 54-40 got slagged like this. They're not the greatest band ever, but there are a very good canadian band. If you live in canada, you have without a doubt heard at least one of their songs.
  7. The major record labels, large movie studios, major networks, and major publishers all prey on people too lazy to search out quality. Thats the way things are going to be for the forseeable future. The fact of the matter is there exists top quality music of any genre. However, that music is rarely released mainstream.
  8. blink's drummer was added to tim armstrong's (rancid, op ivy, DHC) transplants side project with rob aston. Doubt the transplants project will ever release again, it was just something tim wanted to experiment with. travis used to be the aquabats drummer, so he might get back together with them considering they are releasing a new cd. As far as the other two members of blink go, I hope boxcar racer does not return, but something tells me that it will.
  9. Ya, military colleges are certainly difficult, however I think he was talking about a program where one could attend any university they desired.
  10. A number of countries in europe do offer free post-secondary education, some (scandinavia) accomplish this with extremely high taxes. Others like germany do it by simply having an extremely strong economy. These are not very viable options in Canada considering public opinion. As far as someone profiting off of your education, look at the numbers ToadMan and I posted earlier. For canadian schools to make a profit they would have to increase tution by a factor of 5 or 6. ie. you would have to be paying 20-30k a year, which incidently is what alot of american private institutions char
  11. geez, all these songs are so depressing. all you people talk about drinking alone like its some sort of sad/bad thing. When I drink alone its a f'n party, and I'm always invite(well at least while the liquor store is open). seriously though: most weakerthans: think the last last one, left and leaving, and one great city plain white T's radios in heaven the paperbacks counting crows long december brand new failure by design and soco amaretto lime bob dylan billy bragg
  12. I'm not too sure if the flipping burgers comment was aimed at me, but sadly I'm now over qualified to do that, even if I hit rock bottom. I know for a fact that the army had the really sweet program you are describing at some point, I knew a guy who was in that (last I heard he was in Bosnia) but another friend of mine is an officer, and he has told me that that really sweet program is no longer avaliable. I wouldn't take this as gospel, but I'd tend to believe him considering the cuts in military funding. Finding your university's financial data is usually pretty easy. Go to your in
  13. Post-secondary education in Canada is most definitly not free. Universities charge tution just like those in the US, the only real difference between Canada and the US with regards to post-secondary education is that (near)absence of private (the US definition of private) schools in Canada. Generally, Canadian schools are very similar to American 'state' schools, the difference being that all Canadians pay the same rate (although I know for sure this is not true in Quebec, and would guess that Alberta and Ontario also have special in province programs). International students pay other, muc
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