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  1. Did you look at the sky? Did you eat some pie? Did you think you may die? Did you wear a tie? Did you... alright that's enough... sorry.
  2. So you're saying that an individual of 4 has the same knowledge and decision making capabilities that an individual of 25 has? The role of parents (and society) is to guide, nurture, care, and educate the young. We see this in many species in the animal kingdom and humans are no different. If kids were allowed to run free without parents having some sort of say in the decision making process then you would have a society of regret. Now, I would happily debate with you the idea of agism in our society, or when an individual should be considered an adult. EDIT *Spelling*
  3. Your argument has moved so far away from being logical, that I don't think I have the time or patience to rebuttal. Suffice to say that in a perfect utopian society where human nature is ignored (as well as the animal kingdom) and kids are born with all the knowledge they need to make intelligent decisions, then maybe I can see your point. Maybe...
  4. But allowing them to make these decisions can often lead them to harm. I mean growing up if I could have I would never have gone to elementary school, and I'd imagine most kids feel the same way. Or another example, my sister wanted to run away from home and live on the streets when she was 6 for some stupid reason... in her suitcase she only packed stuffed toys. I mean I can see your points, but you have a glaring hole in your logic. That being that children have the facilities and the knowledge to make decisions that will not ultimately harm them.
  5. This thread is demonstrating the stupidity found on both sides of the spectrum, and it's often caused by people/institutions trying to make blanket laws that remove the need for people to think for themselves and excercise common sense. Does a family have to be a tryranical regime? No, it obviously does not. But a parent should be expected to parent their child until that child is an adult both pyhsically and mentally. This is where the parent needs to think and use common sense. We all have those stories of younger people we know/knew who were mature for their age. As a parent you ne
  6. See, but you have to take what Bizud says with a grain of salt. While obviously very intelligent, he's much like a modern day hippy.
  7. I used to smoke like a fiend, but only when I drank. Sober, I never had the urge to smoke.
  8. Apparently I hate her. And somebody should go hold her hair and find her panties.
  9. Seems very drunk. And you're still confusing me... I don't like you? My secretary must have forgotten to give me that memo.
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