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  1. Doormat: let's League! I'm currently 1350 after my 10 placement matches (7-3) and I'm paranoid of playing more without a solid duo partner. I don't want you to ruin your Elo but I'd love to just do some unranked.
  2. The Old Astronomer to His Pupil Tycho Brahe - Sarah Williams "Reach me down my Tycho Brahe, I would know him when we meet, When I share my later science, sitting humbly at his feet; He may know the law of all things, yet be ignorant of how We are working to completion, working on from then to now. / Pray remember that I leave you all my theory complete, Lacking only certain data for your adding, as is meet, And remember men will scorn it, 'tis original and true, And the obliquy of newness may fall bitterly on you. / But, my pupil, as my pupil you have learned the worth of scorn,
  3. Cole: Commander, obviously! Sodamned: ....no. What the fuck? What's your favourite remix or cover?
  4. "It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience." - Julius Caeser
  5. I'm playing League of Legends! Anyone else? Let's do this! It's free to download and play so you have no excuse. re: Final Fantasy. 4, 6, 7, and Tactics are obviously the best (4-way tie, with 4 maybe lagging a bit behind). 9 was good too and 5 and 10 were playable. There, settled.
  6. "The information that comes from deep in the evolutionary past we call genetics. The information passed along from hundreds of years ago we call culture. The information passed along from decades ago we call family, and the information offered months ago we call education. But it is all information that flows through us. The brain is adapted to the river of knowledge and exists only as a creature in that river. Our thoughts are profoundly molded by this long historic flow, and none of us exists, self-made, in isolation from it." - David Brooks
  7. http://soundcloud.com/owenleskovar/hot-mess-mix Here's a link to the starting track: I started with this software literally 2.5 days ago, so go easy. If anyone has experience with this stuff (or just Audition in general) please give me your tips!
  8. 1st: kissing, making out, feeling up (breasts, whatever) 2nd: manual penetration 3rd: oral home run: sex or anal
  9. I have a post on the previous page that sums up my feelings re: religion, moderate religion, and spirituality for those still reading this topic. Dan: to be honest, I'm unsure what you're trying to say. Here's my response to one of the parts I understand: What's the difference between faith and blind faith? It depends on what you mean by "spiritual". I've done a lot of drugs and a few of them have even made me a better person. I fail to see the need to invoke any metaphysics here. They affected my brain and perception, and the experience was powerful and meaningful. It doesn't
  10. Warning: long and slightly inflammatory. Still, as far as condemnations of religion go, I think this is a decent summary. That'd be great if it was how things actually worked. Instead people murder each other over rival interpretations of their fairy tales, indoctrinate their children with them, impede scientific progress with them (directly leading to suffering and death), and include copies of them when they give aid to others. They allow the fairy tales to pervert their idea of what constitutes healthy sexuality, what constitutes moral concern, and what belongs in or out of a classroom. Th
  11. Dan: you had an extremely traumatic accident, likely suffered head trauma, hallucinated that you saw your dead grandfather and now you're spiritual? Do you really expect any other person to find this experience meaningful or to see it as evidence for any sort of metaphysical claim? Here's my counter anecdote (a fictional one). "I'm an astronaut and I just returned from my first moon mission. Once I left the Earth's atmosphere and peered down at our blue planet, rapidly diminishing in our gold-plated window, I had the most spiritual, profound experience of my life. It was unlike any no
  12. That's not how logic works. This unfounded conclusion raises two questions: 1) How do you make the logical leap that if something is "looking down on us" that you have ANY conception of what it is or what it wants? 2) What looks down on God?
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