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  1. i dont see these songs as a new direction at all, they sound exactly like they would be bsides from whitre light
  2. thats minimum wage jobs for ya. it takes the kids working for pennies to get quality now'a days, then they can afford to use the good stuff, the labour is cheap.
  3. must be about a past relationship. i know i'll be writing about girlfriends from years ago when im married.
  4. i full out brought my camcorder and taped an hour of the show. meh
  5. i think it was actually an 8 song encore, he didn't include buffalo seven on the setlist on his site
  6. i reduced the quality on my camera because i only brought one disc, so the quality isn't great, but what can ya do. i'll compress it some and see which full ones are actually decent enough to share. ;)
  7. i may or may not have brought my video camera and taped a few songs.
  8. jeremy, did you bring in a digital camera or video camera? i haven't downloaded the clip as im at work, but just curious. i was thinking about trying to sneak my video camera in. also i heard everyone sits at the show? thats awesome for wecc
  9. oh man im so excited for tomorrow i knew i should'a just splurged and gone both nights.. argh
  10. those of you who bootlegged did you just openly set up shop? or did you have to be discreet?
  11. im only going monday as i didn't have the funds for both shows. if you feel like sharing at a later date skizzors, feel free to pm me ;)
  12. zach

    What Happend?

    mod edit: please keep your speculations to yourself.
  13. anyone recording in either winnipeg show? should be easy to get and kind of equip in the wecc.
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