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Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Spoilers

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First the date was July 7th...Somehow it was moved to the 21st...

The first date was never the 7th.

That's the third anniversary of the London bombings.

JK couldn't have released her book on that day.

Also, the movie will be out on the 13th.

It's too soon.



And, as for this:


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
voldemorte kills hermione


I doubt it.

What I see happening is


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Voldemort kills Ron. It has the most dramatic effect. (Oh, and you spelt Voldemort wrong)
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Reading this post will completely ruin the book. I would encourage you not to, as it is quite enjoyable. You should have the choice, though, so go ahead if you like. You have been warned.


I just finished reading the book, like 5 minutes ago. Anton asked me to post some spoilers here, so here goes...


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Everyone is itching to know who dies, so here you go, in the order they occur: Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby, Snape, Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Voldemort

Im wracking my brain to see if I can think of any other important ones, but I'm sure thats it.


RAB is Regulus Black. The locket they found while cleaning is the slytherin locket, and a horcrux. The other ones are the hufflepuff cup, a crown/tiara thing belonging to ravenclaw, Nagini the snake, and... Harry. The spell that backfired accidentally knocked a peice of Voldemort's already-unstable soul into Harry, that is why there is the connection.


To explain how the peice of Voldemort's soul inside harry is destroyed, but he still survives is far too long-winded, and won't really mean anything until you've read the book.


The epilogue takes place 19 years later. In it Harry and Ginny are married, and have 3 children. Ron and Hermione are married, and have (I think) 2 children.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but make sure you use the spoiler tags.

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