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I Know There Aren't Many Wrestling Fans Left...

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Benoit was the best. The best.


This is fucking horrible. I loved wrestling when I was younger. Though I haven't watched it in a long time, I still hate losing the guys that brought me happiness in my childhood.


Rest in peace.

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I just spent the last hour explaining to my 8 year old nephew that another of his heroes has passed away. He loved Eddie Guerero, and Chris Benoit. He met both of them after a show in RI just before Eddie died. I'm not really a fan like I was when I was younger, but if I'm working and it's on, I'll watch. But my nephew, much to my chagrin, started watching and became a big fan. So I've taken him to a few shows.


As one of the last of Stu Hart's Dungeon progeny, he will be greatly missed. When a family dies under mysterious circumstances, it is always tragic. My prayers are with the rest of their family.


As for my nephew, who according to mom, is curled up with his giant Chris Benoit action figure, fast asleep...I hope I made sense when I talked to him tonight.

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early reports are that this was a murder/suicide where Chris killed his wife, son and then himself.


I don't know if thats true but if it is, I'm disgusted to the point where I would want this thread deleted.

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possibly. though i never thought that this could even be an option.

though it is still sad that his son died. I won't say anything about the wife because it is still possible she did it.

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because, as a wrestling fan, I respected this man for his talents and abilities. I admired the fact that he worked so hard to get where he was and the fact that as he progressed in his career and climbed the ladder as a wrestler, he never let it go to his head, he was touted as a kind and caring man. he was considered a wonderful family man and an inspiration to millions.

it's like he spit in the face of every single person that ever cheered him.

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