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Who's Listening To The Stream?

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I like the new sound to When Hollywood Runs Out of Indians

*edit* oh I guess its not called champions of Nothing ;) heheh should look at the track listing before naming songs

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Ahahah I would, but intend on savoring my first listen ;)

My Thoughts as well. Hehe I plan on listening to this all day tommorow at work. My co-workers are going to be annoyed.


Track 3: Metal Airplanes has potential to replace Blue Skies Over Badlands as my fav Matt Good sound


"You know its true, theres nothing I can do about you"



Yes, I agree crusader. Indians has a lot better sound to it than the one that was floating around a while ago.

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I dunno so far this album seems a lot more real that WLRRR.


Its like the music is coming more from the soul expressing true feelings than his brain trying to say a specific political message.


*edit* I Love the line in born losers.

"She'll never say flat out she don't want me"

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I'm going to crack in about 5 minutes.

hehe at 10 here (12 EST) I was like okay I'm tired time for bed. Mad the mistake of checking to see if he was going to start the stream right away. I figured sometime tommorow night.


But man-o-man its WELL worth it

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Fucking demolishes Put Out Your Lights and even Pledge Of Allegiance for opening tracks, Champions of Nothing.

yeah I agree Pledge may get booted as best opening track


Odette is a awesome song.


OHHH and

SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Black Helicopters while similar to the one floating around has been revisited... and its again freaking awesome!!!


ALmost half thru and the album definatly has potential to be his best IMO



Hehe I dont wanna pre-order, I'll most likely tell my boss that I'll be late that day and be at Future Shop when it opens ;)

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