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Who's Listening To The Stream?

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Metal Airplanes, Born Losers, Odette and The Boy Come Home were all awesome. I find I Am Not Safer Than a Bank was good for a laugh but the effet he used in Girl Wedged Under the Front of a Firebird hurt my ears so much I had to take the headphones off.


That said, I can't wait to buy the album!

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Might very well be Matt's best album but I'm not sure as I think I managed to skip 1.5 tracks (some of tracks 8-10?) so I cannot give a fair review, god damn it.


Well it's easily better than White Light...that's for sure. Maybe Avalanche...need another listen.. preferably with the aid of knowing what songs that I was even listening to!


But great work.

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This is one of the best albums, front to back, I have ever heard. There are no songs I don't like. None.


Congratulations Matthew Good, you've completely outdone yourself.


My top 3 in no particular order are I Am A Window, She's In It For The Money, and Champions of Nothing; although "I Am Not Safer Than A Bank" is fucking cool for a 55 second track.


I also like "True Love..." over Moon Over Marin if I were to have to choose between the 2 covers. There's something about the simplicity of True Love, and the way he sings it...It's amazing.

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Okay, I'm almost through and I have to say the album is better than I expected. Definitely better than WLRRR, it has a sort of relaxing/tense dynamic thing going on which I really like.


I'm not a big fan of the covers, but then again, I wasn't expecting much from them either.


I like what he did to She's In It For The Money. And does anyone else think Girl Wedged kind of sounds like Radiohead?

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Ah, such is the case as with most times when I hear a streamed album. I have a big feeling I will love it when I have a cold hard copy of the official album in my cd player. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that upon this listen it hasn't clicked yet which is common with first listens, especially when it's streamed for me. I need the top quality and the better bass I should get with the actual album in my player.


There has been a couple surprises for me. Black Helicopter sounds quite different now than the one I have. It's interesting and I think I like the changes made although I wish it was longer. The Boy Come Home sounds a lot better than the one I originally heard and I really like the musicality of The Devil's in Your Details. It sounds really unique and I love the sound and Matt's vocals of course. I'm a Window is more upbeat than I was expecting and I'm glad it is. I think the second half is quite a bit more varied whereas the first is more mellow. Champions of Nothing is a track I think I could grow to absolutely love and Odette sounded pretty damn good on first listen. But it is true that Matt doesn't repeat himself with albums. Hospital Music is quite familiar yet at the same time it's very different and there's some parts that seem odd for a Matthew Good album, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Man, I can't wait to hear the cd in my player. I am sure it will click completely then and I need to end this because it's too long!!! Ahhhhh.

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