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Who's Listening To The Stream?

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I wasn't really making a point about Matt selling out, it's just funny that the songs you chose to be the most interesting are those which follow the same old verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus shit that's been recycled umteen times before.


Whether they realize it or not, people respond very well to songs which follow this pattern and contain catchy refrains ("Everybody get on the floor tonight, Aright!", "Straight baaaaaaaaaaaaack, where weeee beeeeelong", etc.) And it's interesting to note that many on this board have already predicted I'm A Window and The Devil's In Your Details as possibilities for future singles.


If you wanna talk about stock Matt Good (although, I'm not sure I agree such a thing exists) what seperates I'm A Window from Hello Time Bomb or Oh Be Joyful?


Ultimately, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is that it's the Champions of Nothings, A Single Explosions, 99% Of Us Is Failures, The Boy Come Homes, etc. that really provide the meat for this album

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I don't understand how people can't like "Metal Airplanes." It's probably one of my favorites.

song is really boring. the piano at the end comes in and saves it right before i hit the skip button.

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I would rather listen to White Light over Beautiful Midnight these days.

Easily. I find White Light the most enjoyable and repeatedly listenable album from top to bottom. I haven't stopped spinning it regularly since it was released. The Who homage alone on 'Ex Pats' still makes me smile every time!

I love that album... shit.

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been listening to it a few times a day, overall a great album, but i can see myself only listening to it when i'm in the right mood down the road.


i REALLY wish he made more out of "i am not safer then a bank"

while it really is just a catchy throwaway song to some, with a couple more verses it would have been a great single that is very radio friendly and still fits the context of the album

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