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We're Not Doomed, Maybe?

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There were these hippies who thought that dumping a ton (1000 kg...) of fine iron oxide particles into the ocean would fix 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the oceans and either didn't know or didn't care that dissolving all that carbon dioxide is going to acidify the oceans. Big time.

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Just like ethanol and biodiesel were going to save us until they remembered that they'd be burning normal gas in every machine used to build the facilities and that they'd have to cultivate the entire surface of the north america with corn...

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Yeah, I'm watching that episode of Daily Planet, too.


All these ideas are nice but really aren't going to do a hell of a lot. That, or they're unfeasible.

it says right in the article that they arn't suggesting it as an end to global warming or anything. it's to prolong it's affects so we can actually do something to stop it from happening

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