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The New Jj Abrams Flick

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Anyone who's seen Transformers will know that J.J Abrams (the man behind Lost) has a new, secret movie coming out on 01.01.08


The working title for it right now is "cloverfield" and the preview was completely fucking nuts. My jaw literally hit the floor, I am so pumped for this.


Not much of the movie has been shot yet, and the premise is being kept under tight wraps it seems. There are all kinds of rumours as to what the "monster" may be, what do you think it is?

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ya they already pulled some youtube videos of it down. It looked like it could be interesting but probably won't be.



Edit: And I'm pretty sure Abrams is just producing it.

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At first I thought it was going to be an anti-drug ommercial or something.


We can only assume NY is under the attack of MechaStreisand, who has once again rejoined the Triangles of Zinthar to create the Diamond of Pantheos.


Someone call Sindney Poitier, and Robert Smith of the Cure!

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