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Harvey Birdman

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Like most of my favorites, it too has been cancelled before its time. In any case, the show is hilarious...though I suspect that is largely due to my somewhat deranged sense of humour. Not many people around here have even heard of it...anyone on the Bored watch it?

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-"I ran over somebody this week!"

-" Oh thats not to ba-"

-"everyday this week"

-"were there any witnesses?"

-" A couple of kids"

-" Nooobooddyy believes kids!"

-" And a nun"

-" Nooobboddy believes nuns!"

Im not sure if thats exactly how the convo went but probably my favourite part of Birdman. ;)

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I don't even know...it was on Teletoon at night sometimes, but I only saw it once. The rest of the episodes were on some guy's computer.


Expensive and beautiful silk panty garments...FOR EVERYONE!! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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lol...you gotta see it to understand. Here is the basic idea: Harvey Birdman, the main character, is a superhero...attorney. Works for a law firm. The judges and other lawyers are also superheroes and villains. Those on trial are other characters from old cartoons also owned by Hanna Barbara.


For example - they did an episode called "The Dabba Don" featuring Fred Flintstone as a mob boss. Even the introduction was a copy of The Sopranos, but with fred driving his foot powered car around smoking a cigar.


Another episode, "The Unabooboo" had Yogi Bear's sidekick Booboo as an anti-capitalist extremist who was sending boobytrapped cookie bouquets to the heads of corporate America.


They've got a minor character, a purple hippo who I believe is from that old Babaar or whatever it was...you know, elephants and hot air balloons...


Good times.

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