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love everything about the show, love the actors, but hate hbo and david milch for not finishing it properly. instead they just leave the story hanging after the 3rd season, so i hear, which really really sucks because im halfway thru the 3rd season and the story is really intense and awesome. its such bullshit that they would do this to such a well written and brilliantly acted show, perhaps the best to come from american tv in a long long while. even though im only halfway thru the 3rd season im sure im going to be alot more pissed after i actually finish the 3rd season and then have that be it. but according to actor earl brown aka big dan doroghty, the show is 'dead but not buried' so that could be the optimism that i needed. so thanks milch and john from cincinatti for killing a great show.


anyways...favorite characters? most hated characters?

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I going to check the show out.  Sounds good.

yea man, i just finished the 3rd season and i cant believe thats how theyre going to leave it. this is not the first time hbo has done something like this and its not fair to the paying customers and fanbase or the actors. but the show is still amazing...the acting, the set details, the plot and script, all top notch. ive watched the first 2 seasons about 3 or 4 times now and ive never seen a western movie or tv show that captures what it wouldve been like to live in a lawless frontier town as well as deadwood does, and i doubt there will be for a while...and not only that its really funny too. a grade A tv experience. though some people tend to not enjoy the show because of the language, which doesnt bother me and if youre that naive to let something like that ruin such a good show for you then you shouldnt be watching in the first place

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