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Is Hospital Music better, worse, or equal to Avalanche  

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  1. 1. Is Hospital Music better, worse, or equal to Avalanche

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Guest Prosis

It's an awesome record, but Avalanche is superior IMO.


That being said, I'm also one of the few who loves WLRRR and consequently, his three solo records come in release order for me as far as favourites go.


Again that being said, some songs on HM are superior to any songs off of WLRRR (Champions of Nothing for instance). But compared to Avalanche, there are just too many epic massive songs on that record for HM to be equal to or better than Avalanche (Weapon, Avalanche, Rabbits, Near Fantastica). But musically they're certainly in the same vein. I've noticed Matt trying to reproduce orchestral parts with keyboards or loops I'm not sure. So I think that, given the budget, he could've equaled it.

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If Champions of Nothing replaced Song For the Girl you would have something.



Pretty much every other song on Avalanche is better than all of hospital music mixed together.



I think a lot of people like Hospital Music better because its new and fresh...give it a while and I think most people will still prefer Avalanche.

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"worse" seems like such a harsh word, especially for as stunning a record as HM. but I think the emotional impact Avalanche had on me at the time will never be equaled - that record found me just when i needed it.


However. I think Matt has cemented himself with these past three records as an artist with staying power, and a capacity for growth not demonstrated by his 90s can-rock peers. NOTHING by the MGB matches the maturity of the songwriting (lyrically or musically), nor the sense of dynamics demonstrated on these three records. There are times i'm embarrassed to admit to liking the MGB - at their worst, they represent a kind of watered-down, MOR, radio-friendly canadian alterna-rock that was all-too-prevalent in the 90s (something which I think was a major determinant in their breakup). A lot of their material has aged badly for me. but I saw something in Matthew's work then, that I didn't in the OLPs IMEs etc, and I think Matt's solo career has borne that faith out.


He may not have the playing chops *, but in terms of artistic and humanitarian vision I'd go so far as to name Good the Bruce Cockburn of his generation. another couple decades of this amount of consistency (assuming the West doesn't crash and burn by then - peak oil, anyone??) and he may just prove me right.


the amount of typos in the booklet is aggravating though. Christ.


love mope


* (but then, who does?)

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I don't understand the comments of pre AOB or MGB stuff not aging well. So you're basically saying alternative rock doesn't age well? I know great alternative rock doesn't get old or dry for me and Matthew Good has always had a lot of mellow, sometimes atmospheric elements in most of the albums he's been a part of. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't age well. Of course there is a lot of that classic 90's alt. rock in there but that's because within each sub-genre there's only so much you can do before the influences come flying around. But regardless of any typicalities Matt's persona and music has pretty much always had something very special to it as a whole and it and him should never be lumped into the same categories as some that they could be based on just the initial sound of the music.

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I'd say this is easily on par with Avalanche. What would put it over the top (and I've said this a few times, I believe) after maybe a few more listens is that Hospital Music feels like a complete work, the way OK Computer does, for example. It paints a picture with the music, and I don't get that feeling with Avalanche.


Miles ahead of WLR&RR, and I love that record.

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I guess people like Matthew Good Covers more than originals...










































....please don't take that comment seriously.

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