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i agree about the opinion thing also


hotness can play tricks on us when we are smitten i've fallen victim to this many a time also


i could say i have odd taste in guys but i think we all do its just everyone has types and things they are attracted to etc. also


i give myself this since anton doesn't seem to be around: ;)

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I thought both Tom and Jamie acted well in the movie. Critics are now saying that because of this performance, Jamie will now be doing a lot more of the "Denzel Washington" roles.

I don't think that he will ever be as good as Denzel but yes i could see him in more dramatic rolls.

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Did anyone notice most things of the movie connect to each other?




For example

1) Jamie Foxx's character happens to meet Jada Pinkett Smith's Character who's the D.A prosecuting the witnesses Tom Cruise is killing.

2) Tom Cruise's anecdote about the guy who died on the subway. No one bothered to check up on him so he rode the subway for a long time. He dies on the subway.


That's all I can remember right now. There's more..

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