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does anyone know how to get free ringtones or anything like that. Matthew Good and other artists as well. I looked in the NF store and there is nothing there to buy. My phone doesn't let me play music files as ringtones so I am just wondering if anyone has had any success getting ringtones outside of buying them.

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its pretty hard to find ANY ringtones for free unless you've got a phone that can play mp3s and connect to your computer.


i think there was a post about awhile ago about buying mg ringtones from rogers. if youre willing to pay just check your cell companies website. we also get an ocassional mg ringtone ad on our homepage.

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There was a little card in my hospital Music case about buying ringtones at outrageous prices.


Also, Telus has a few on their download site, but all of them suck. They are low quality and seem to be cut almost at random out of a song instead of being cut with purpose around a chorus or something. Also, they only play once instead of looping if your phone rings.

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