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Fantastic Four 3?

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There's apparently talk of the third film, which might just have Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman's kid. I didn't read much of the comics, but I guess he can bend reality. Anywho, the last movie was horrible in my opinion, just for the fact that Jessica Alba's eyes were too damn blue. I thought they made her smoke too much coke to get that glazed look.




edit: I can't spell 'enough'.

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i really don't see that happening. (Alba getting naked or them making a movie focusing on Franklin Richards)

it just seems too far fetched. besides, there can't even be a script yet so if they were interviewing her, she was probably just talking out of her ass about things she had heard mentioned but that weren't for sure going to happen



The biggest challenge Mr. Fantastic and Co. will ever face isn
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There was mention of a third film from the beginning, but after scouring the web, I have found no reference to a script as of this tine. If I had to guess it will be some variation on The Inhumans and the Frightful Four.

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I'd heard that one too Tim, but there was never anything further on it.



Elektra could have been a lot better, it was too slow, and it spent too much time with the mystical shit...a script focusing on a kid, didn't help. They also shouldn't cut the Daredevil cameo.


Catwoman, was pretty shitty...I like Halle Berry, but she wasn't right for it. The script was terrible.

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