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Ok, Fess Up

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If you thought the Simpsons Movie wasn't going to be funny because the show has been going downhill for the last few years.




You thought Knocked Up was going to suck because it had that hot girl starring with that ugly/stupid guy from 40 Year Old Virgin.


that is all.

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I thought neither of those things. I still enjoy the Simpsons and is has actually bee getting better for the past 2 or 3 seasons.


also, i loved knocked up, I thought it was very funny and Seth Rogan (who I've been a fan of since Undeclared) did a great job in his role.

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well, these people didn't think it would be any good.




Posted: Feb 21 2007, 11:04 PM



there's no way it'll be as good as the simpsons in its prime. they stopped being satirical like , 7 years ago? Conan stopped writing for them years ago. 



Posted: Feb 22 2007, 08:01 PM


I guess since there are first times for everything, I also agree with heyrabbit here, except that I probably won't go out to see it. It's definitely been a stale show for the last few years, and that trailer doesn't make it seem like it's a significant step up.


I'll rent/download it and probably be thankful I didn't see it in theatres.
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