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Van Halen Is Back....good God

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They are playing in Philadelphia on 10/1...3rd show of the tour, so the tour shouldnt have completely imploded by then. David Lee Roth is a complete joke nowadays, so I have a perverse desire to see this fiasco


Incidentally, I should mention that as a part time gig I work at the Wachovia Center & Wachovia Spectrum as security, so I see all of the concerts, sporting events, epcial events,etc that roll thru that building for free. Good times!

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Big deal Van Halen is back, it is not a real reunion cuz Eddie and his ego has decided not to let Micheal play bass for the band, and David is still a joke, and was even 20 years ago. I am a fan of the band when Sammy was singer, because he is far better than David in any regard.

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